Why an Iguana Means Careers in Oklahoma


Minneapolis, Minn. – August 18, 2016 – The Oklahoma CareerTech system educates more than 150,000 K6-12 students in almost 400 public school districts and 29 technology center districts. Programs include agriculture, marketing, high technology, healthcare and industry. CareerTech also helps another 366,000 Oklahomans upgrade their skills and enable the earning of credentials needed in hot job segments. Not to mention the Business and Industry Services (BIS) that served more than 6,000 companies during 2015 with employee training. I think it’s fair to say: in Oklahoma, they take workforce development and career technology education seriously!


Recently I represented Augusoft at the OKACTE, 49th Annual Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Summer Conference. I was fortunate to meet many of the fine, dedicated folks that positively impact current and future generations of learners in the state. I was impressed with their commitment to education and skills development in lieu of a college degree, because their goal is to keep Oklahoma learning and working.


It was gratifying to meet some of Augusoft’s CareerTech customers from Gordon Cooper and Pioneer Tech. Nothing beats meeting your customers face-to-face. I was also able to connect with other tech center leaders that have expressed interest in Lumens and made the effort to come by my table at the expo. Thank you all!


The “Iguana Bus” is just one example of how Oklahoma CareerTech commitment to introducing children 6 and older to potential career opportunities. The bus is equipped with computer workstations and video, and as you can see, would be hard to miss on a tour. One of the representatives boasted to me that the bus was 100% funded by grant money. Outstanding!


Iguana Bus


Blog by Brian Berlin, Director of Sales, Augusoft