On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinar Recordings*

*Augusoft has been conducting complimentary webinars for continuing education and workforce development professionals since 2004. Below is a list of most recent webinars. Check out our webinar archives and videos for more recordings.

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Webinar Recordings

Hear from industry expert, William A. Draves of LERN on the latest in Continuing Ed!

Get the latest data and survey responses from Continuing Educators around the country on their recent registrations, top trends, concerns, and coming issues for the rest of 2021.

Guest Presenter: William A. Draves, LERN

Host: Ashley Chambliss, Augusoft

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Hear from two presidents of successful Community Colleges, Dr. Sundberg and Dr. Rainone in this powerful discussion to learn what your college can do and achieve in 2021.

Guests: Dr. Lori Sundberg, President at Kirkwood Community College and Dr. John Rainone, President at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

Host: Judi Bryl and Paul VanderWaal, Augusoft

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Guest Presenter: Anne Hoeltke, Executive Director of Apprenticeships at the AACC

The Expanding Community College Apprenticeships (ECCA) initiative is led by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) with funding from the U.S. Department of Labor to increase the number of apprentice programs and services throughout the country. The ECCA project will be conducted over 3 years and will train 16,000 apprentices.
Anne Hoeltke, Executive Director of Apprenticeships at the AACC, will share about the initiative and the work they are doing with 106 colleges across the country, and how apprenticeships are aiding economic recovery efforts.

Guest Presenter: Garrett Stern, Senior Director, UGotClass at LERN

Let's talk course types! What classes should you be running this year?
Whether or not you currently implement UGotClass, this presentation is tailored for Continuing Education program professionals to give you data-driven insights on what is performing in 2021 and how you can boost your enrollments.

Guest Presenter: Julia O’Brien, Sr. Director of Communications, ACTE

February is Career and Technical Education Month and we at Augusoft want to celebrate by showcasing our support for the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE).

Hear from ACTE about how your school can take advantage of the current spotlight on CTE, learn about the Working Wonders program and ask any questions that you have about CTE.

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Presenter: Kevin Gish, Sr. Product Advisor, Augusoft

Do you need to get your program back up and running? Struggling to maintain your business while working from home? Lumens can help!

It takes more than registrations to run a successful continuing education or contract training program. From course and instructor management to accounting and reporting, Lumens will help you run your program more efficiently while increasing enrollment numbers.

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Presenters: Kathy Brady featuring William A. Draves, LERN

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Presenters: William A. Draves, LERN and Cem Erdem, CEO, Augusoft

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Coffee & Chat Recordings

Watch how working with your Workforce Development Board to build programs that are highly valuable to local employers translates to higher enrollments and more training opportunities for employees and other community members.

Hear first-hand experience from Brandon Tucker, AVP of Workforce and Community Development on the partnership between Washtenaw Community College and Michigan Works.

Guest: Brandon Tucker, AVP of Workforce Development at Washtenaw Community Collegy

Host: Angela DeVaun, Augusoft

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Watch Sr. Product Advisor, Kevin Gish, as he Augusoft interviews Executive Director of Operations Jason Lau and Director of Business, Industry and Community Services Elaine Craig, as they discuss Community College and University Continuing Education programs and the data that defines their success through Lumens.

Guest: Elaine Craig of Merced College & Jason Lau of Sonoma State University

Host: Kevin Gish, Augusoft

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Host: Cammy Skalla and Angela DeVaun, Augusoft

Guests: Bill Pence from Lord Fairfax Community College and Jolene Rogers from Iowa Lakes Community College

As unemployment levels continue to climb, colleges are facing unprecedented drops in enrollment. In this current economic crisis, how can students get the education they need for the job they want, and your college the help it needs to increase enrollments?

Watch Bill Pence of Lord Fairfax Community College and Jolene Rogers of Iowa Lakes Community College to find out how Higher Ed institutions are rising to the challenge.

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Host: Cammy Skalla, Augusoft
Guests: Tim Schoch, Operations Manager, Ivy Tech Center for Lifelong Learning

Warm days and sunny skies will be here before we know it!

We know you're hard at work preparing for summer programming, so let's recap adaptations that were made in 2020 and how 2021 summer programming is shaping up in light of ever-changing needs.

Hear creative tips from Tim Schoch at Ivy Tech Center for Lifelong Learning from their successful summer program to bring back to your team in a time of transition to the new normal.

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Host: Angela DeVaun, Augusoft
Guests: Byron Jamison, Course Scheduling Assistant, Workforce Development & Continuing Education, Montgomery College

Watch Byron Jamison, Montgomery College (MD), for an informative chat on how his division is using Lumens to enhance the marketing activities of Workforce Development and Continuing Education.

By using the marketing features built into Lumens and streamlining the process of print catalog production, Montgomery College has made a significant positive impact on the health of the enrollments and revenue. With configuration features (social media tools, recommendation algorithm), reports, and data collection methods, Lumens is being used as a marketing platform driving the division’s success.

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Host: Cammy Skalla, Augusoft
Guests: Katie Butler, Workforce Services Functional Specialist, Virginia’s Community College System

Watch Augusoft Lumens' Product Advisor, Cammy Skalla, and Workforce Services Functional Specialist, Katie Butler, of Virginia Community College System as they discuss strategies to success that are specific to Statewide Systems.

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Host: Kevin Gish, Augusoft
Guests: Katherine Holt and Doug Kellogg, Liberty University

Watch Augusoft Lumens' Product Advisors and top Continuing Ed programs as we discuss strategies to success in a time when increasing enrollments may require more from your staff.

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Host: Angela DeVaun, Augusoft
Guest: Caroline Lane, Director of Coaching Programs Virginia Community College Systems

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Host: Kathy Brady, Augusoft
Guest: Jaime Nash, Community College of Rhode Island

In this video, we'll discuss timeline and strategy to address your program's budget constraints.

Watch Jaime Nash of Community College of Rhode Island talk through what their program went through to get to where they are today thanks to Lumens!

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Host: Kevin Gish and Kathy Brady, Augusoft
Guests: Greg Marsello, LERN and Rodney Holt, Interim Dean of School of Continuing Education, Red Deer College

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Host: Cammy Skalla, Augusoft
Guests: Brooke Ohlsson, Program Manager, Customized Training & Solutions Parkland College Community Education
Catherine Jones, Associate Vice President of Workforce Development
McHenry County College

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Panelists: Cammy Skalla, Angela DeVaun, Mitch Flattum, and Kevin Gish

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Host: Angela DeVaun, Augusoft
 Sonia Young, York Technical College

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Host: Mitch Flattum, Augusoft
Guest: Laura Driscoll, Casper College

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Host: Cammy Skella, Augusoft
Guest: Amy Fleshner, Parkland College

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Host: Kevin Gish, Augusoft
Guest: Santa Fe Community College

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Presenters: Kathy Brady, Angela DeVaun and Cammy Skalla
Guests: Baylor University, Rhodes State College, University of Rhode Island

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