Webinar Registration: Pathways to Credit

Thursday, August 30, 1-2 PM CT

Guest Presenter: Dr. Victoria L. Steeger, Vice President, Partner Development & Communications, ProTrain, LLC

Historically, colleges have offered two distinct types of learning. 1. Credit = College degree supporting, and 2. Noncredit = personal enrichment, career advancement, or job preparation. In recent years, non-credit education has become increasingly popular due to their flexibility and responsiveness as well as a source of revenue generation.  College noncredit workforce education can have a central role in their workforce development agenda by connecting short-term training to programs leading to degrees and credentials.  It is not always easy, but student matriculation from noncredit to credit and to completion and degrees can not only provide support for noncredit programming, but give data and insight to labor market needs, college constituent and employers needs as well as student interest and demand.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Look at why you might consider starting or growing your noncredit to credit pathways.
  • Examine multiple pathways from noncredit to credit and we will see several school’s applications and outcomes.
  • Review a few of the fundamentals of implementing noncredit to credit including transcripts, retroactive credit, validation of learning, and data collection requirements.  
  • Share a checklist for determining potential programs for alignment and a sample internal articulation agreement.

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