Using Lumens to Brand Your Workforce Training Program

Minneapolis, Minn. – June 29, 2015  – By Dr. Wendy Flint –

Did you know that North America (Canada, U.S., and Mexico) spends $75 to $100 billion a year in training employees? If you knew what the top 15 training topics were, would you make sure you offered those programs in your workforce training programs? Sure you would! But most important, how would you let companies know you had those offerings and how can you grow that part of your continuing education business? There’s a few solutions I will share from my own experiences:

  • First, make sure your Lumens landing page has an advertisement and a menu link just for workforce training options. Create one of your Lumens categories as “Workplace Training.” When you talk to customers in the business sector, let them know that any course listed in that section is open for their employees (and that you will take a credit card or invoice later!). Share at the same time that you can customize these same courses at their company.
  • A visual of all your offerings with descriptions says to your prospect “we already do this and we have instructors.” This demonstrates credibility to the business sector that sometimes questions if higher education “has the right stuff.” If you don’t have a course designed yet, list it anyway and put “To Be Scheduled.” The more choices the better!
  • Be sure to require the name of a company from ALL your enrollees. Why? Because these are hot leads. Whether the employee registered herself or the company paid, that demonstrates a company that believes in training. You can also tell the company “your employees are signing up for our classes – want more?”
  • Finally, you need to get the word out to local business. Obtain a list of human resource and training managers and use a product we use called Genoo to send a professional advertisement or newsletter to your target audience. The link on the ad will bring customers back to your Lumens branding page for workplace training solutions.

What are the top 15 training requests? Interpersonal skills (including communications and conflict resolution), team building, flexibility, business ethics, business writing, computer classes (including Quickbooks), customer service, diversity appreciation, goal setting, problem solving, managing change, time management, decision making, project management and leadership. But you already knew that.

 Dr. Wendy Flint, Augusoft Account Manager, is the former Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Training at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. She also was formerly employed as a training manager at Hewlett-Packard, ElectricLightwave, and Executive Forum where consultants were hired to deliver the “Top 15.”