Augusoft Announces the First Educational Software Solution Specifically Designed for Workforce Development

Minneapolis, Minn. – September 6, 2006 – Augusoft today announced that the company has released Lumens Workforce. The software delivers key functions to provide career, technical and community college institutions with streamlined processes and cost-effective solutions.

Bob Scarborough, Director of Great Oaks Institute of Technology and this year’s president of ACTE, stated “Lumens has enabled us to streamline our operational process, improve Great Oaks online registration as well as work more efficiently. Post Secondary Career Centers could definitely improve their operation by adopting Lumens software.”

“We began working directly with Augusoft to create Lumens Workforce a few years ago because we needed a system that captured data for all aspects of our business,” said Jan Brown, Customized Training Coordinator at Great Oaks Institute of Technology. “Lumens was the perfect solution for our staff and students.”

Another first from Augusoft, the Lumens Workforce edition is the only software system that was specifically designed to help education institutions that train America’s workforce. The Augusoft Product Development team worked closely with two of the largest Career Tech schools in the nation to define workforce development data needs and tailor Lumens Workforce software features to fit this market.

“We experienced a 100% increase in online registration in the first six weeks of the fiscal year compared to the last six months of the last fiscal year,” stated Mary Jane Perry, Vice President of Adult Workforce Education for Butler Technology and Career Development Schools. “Lumens has allowed us to easily create reports for our corporate and agency partners, as well as increase our personnel efficiency and data accuracy. No other solution on the market addresses our workforce development needs more efficiently than Lumens.”

With over $71.4 million in transactions and 532,000 end-users around the nation, Augusoft Lumens makes educational leaders successful using a Web-based software application without investing millions of dollars in software, waiting for long implementation processes, or having to conform their program to running on a for-credit ERP system. “Lumens Workforce is the only Web-based solution that supports the workforce management requirements with real-time non-credit and full-time student enrollment functionality,” said Tim Scott, Lumens Product Manager at Augusoft.

Lumens Workforce includes key workforce development features such as: Full-time Student Program Management, Financial Aid Management, Class Activity Reporting, Financial Reporting, Transcript Reporting, State Reporting, Instructor Tracking and Approval Status, Contract (Customized) Training, Secured Access Control and Integrated Online Classes.