Top Strategies to Improve Your CE Program Discussed at LERN Institutes

Over 90 people attended the LERN Institutes held last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you have never attended a LERN Institute, you should, as it is a tremendous opportunity to learn and discuss best practices for improving Continuing Education (CE) staff productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Bill Draves of LERN presents at the 2013 LERN Institutes.

Bill Draves of LERN presents at the 2013 LERN Institutes.

Greg Marsello of LERN reported participants in his session selected the following as the top five strategies to improve their CE program:

  1. Centralize operations, such as registration, customer service, report generation, software management, logistics, and so on, so revenue generators – class programmers and salespeople – can generate revenue.
  2. Determine your 5-15 core processes and document them so everyone on staff follows the same processes.
  3. Add an Information Specialist to your front line staff who can answer most student questions, as well as making go/no-go and refund decisions.
  4. Shift job descriptions from being task-based to outcome-based and make sure everyone on staff has a number they are responsible for.
  5. Use a web-hosted software system, like Lumens, to manage all aspects of your continuing education program. Programs using Lumens reported staff productivity up by 25%.

With the pressures of financial self-sufficiency, continuing education programs must shift to staffing structures where job descriptions are clear, processes are simple, and staff are accountable. CE staff also need the right tools to do their work efficiently.

For more tips on increasing staff productivity, please visit and check out LERN’s Increasing Staff Productivity publication.