Time Saving Tips for the New Year

TimeBy Greg Marsello, LERN

Your time is your only resource. Here’s our latest list of the biggest time saving tips for continuing education and customized training professionals.

No decisions under $100. Delegate any decision that involves less than $100 (refunds, discounts, purchasing, etc.) to someone else. Don’t make any decisions under $100. The “cost” to your program is more than $100 for you to make these cheap unimportant decisions. You won’t be able to make thousands of dollars for your program if you are interrupted with nickel and dime decisions.

Biggest time waster. Spend 5 minutes to figure out the biggest time waster in your year. Then spend whatever time it takes to develop a solution to reduce, or preferably eliminate, the biggest time waster in your day.

Most important activity. Spend 5 minutes to figure out the most important activity of any given week. Then spend more time on the most important activity. Your most important activity yields income, saves costs, or improves your program in some very important way. If you spend more time on it, it will pay you back with big dividends.

Reduce meeting time. “Just Say No” to most meetings. Select the 1-3 meetings in a given week that are the best use of your time. Say “no” to all the other meetings, including meetings with just one person. If you ever have a meeting to plan another meeting, that is a red warning light that things have gone very awry.

Close your door 10 am – Noon. This time period, from 10 am to Noon, is usually the most productive hours of the day for most people. During the 2 hour time period when you are most productive,
* Close your door.
* Don’t look at your email.
* Do not schedule any meetings.
* Focus on the most important (highest dollar) activity of the day.

Do the most important thing that day first. As soon as you begin to work, figure out the most important thing you need to do that day. It should be the item that has the highest dollar value for your organization. Do that item first.