The Top 10 List Every CE Program Should Hear

Minneapolis, Minn. – September 23, 2015  – Not since David Letterman signed off have we heard such a great Top 10 List. During Augusoft’s Best Practice webinar Provide Superior Quality Online Course with LERN’s UGotClass and Augusoft Lumens, LERN President William Draves shared the Top 10 Reasons UGotClass is growing each year. They include:

#8: UGotClass has an Incredibly Low Refund Rate: Students love UGotClass courses. And that equals an incredibly low refund rate. How low? The UGotClass lifetime refund rate is .0005. Last year just 18 refunds were given out of 3,587 registrations.

#5: Awesome Transfer Policy: When you tell your students about UGotClass, it’s going to make them smile. That’s because they can transfer into the next offering of the same course at any time at no additional fee—no questions asked. It doesn’t matter if the student has completed the course, taken half the course, not taken the latest test. It doesn’t matter what stage they are in. We know students love this because hundreds take advantage of it each year.

#2: Marketing Assistance: The UGotClass team is available to help you market your class in whatever way works for you including: dozens of YouTube videos that can be customized with your school’s information, copy for print and email marketing campaigns, and sample press releases. Whatever you need, UGotClass is there with advice and assistance. Plus, they conduct daily research on what top programs are doing to generate registrations and will share with you. Just ask!