The New Buzz Word in Continuing Education

Business Intelligence or BI is a new buzz word in continuing education. Continuing education programs must be able to collect and analyze data so they can make winning data-driven decisions. Successful CE units’ software systems provide three BI tools.

BI Tools Graphic

    1. The ability to customize and build new reports, including the assigning and scheduling of reports.
    2. The ability to analyze collected data.
    3. A dashboard which provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to a particular objective or business process.  This could be registration, most popular classes, promotion methods, and so on.

Augusoft Lumens® provides all three with:

    1. Standard reports that can be customized, scheduled and assigned;
    2. LERN Tools included in Lumens for data analysis
    3. A dashboard with over 35 different views.

As CE programs compete for increased customer and market share, having effective business intelligence tools is critical, and Lumens clients have the tools to be set up for success.