The Key to Expanding Your CE offerings

With the increased need for workforce development programming, full-time certificates functionality allows continuing education programs to expand their offerings to curriculum. CE staff can create a program section, which is a set of classes in which a cohort of students will register. One registration sequence results in the student registering for all the classes in the certificate. Managing funding sources which may be used to offset student contributions to the registration price of the certificate is importanExpanding CE offeringst. It is equally important to allow staff to create prerequisites as mandatory or optional pre-registration criteria. Continuing education staff should be able to determine pricing for the certificate when they create and assign certificate classes and allow make-up hours to be recorded for selected classes.

Augusoft LumensĀ® Full-time Certificate Module is the perfect functionality for CE units wanting to grow their workforce development offerings, especially more sophisticated full-time certificates with multi-class curriculum requiring prerequisites, student funding sources, and placement of students within cohorts.