The Integration Series

featuring Chippewa Valley Technical College

Presenters: Thomas Lange, Vice President of Information Technology & CIO, Chippewa Valley Technical College; Cem Erdem, President & CEO, Augusoft; Paul VanderWaal, Director of Information Technology, Augusoft

Chippewa Valley had to process their continuing education program manually because their required ERP, Banner, did not work for noncredit. Hear how they scraped an internal plan to write their integration software after two years of development and why they chose Augusoft to become their long term partner.

 featuring Parkland College

Presenters: Amin Kassem, CIO, Parkland College; Amy Fleshner, Associate Director, Business Training & Community Education, Parkland College; Cem Erdem, President & CEO, Augusoft; Paul VanderWaal, Director of IT, Augusoft

Parkland College was mandated to use Colleague as the system of record across the college.  Parkland  recognized they needed a different solution for non-credit with integration to Colleague. This was essential to reduce manual work. Listen to learn how they solved their problems and built a system of record and student engagement system.

featuring Frederick Community College

Presenters: Cem Erdem, CEO, Augusoft; Paul VanderWaal, Director of Information Technology, Augusoft; Adam Reno, Associate Chief Information Officer, Frederick Community College

Fredrick Community College was using Peoplesoft as their registration process for their Continuing Education Program.  They determined Peoplesoft was not a good environment for their students.  Hear how they arrived at choosing Augusoft Lumens and how they simplified operations, improved state reporting, and more.