The Importance of Workforce Development for Community Colleges

Minneapolis, Minn. – March 20, 2019 – Workforce Development is an opportunity for academic institutions to help advance the local economical environment by educating workers in local businesses, ultimately to ensure they have the skillset they need to be successful in their job.  

Greg Marsello of LERN and Kathy Brady of Augusoft recently talked on a webinar focused on the Workforce Development division in North Carolina. Even if your program is not based in NC, much of the information is relevant to programs nationwide.  

In the webinar, Marsello explains why colleges are in the prime seat to spearhead workforce development in their communities. He says it is imperative that community colleges pioneer this effort to close the knowledge and skills gap and important for them to focus offering the most updated material and certificates or credentials.  

Everything we do as Workforce Education programmers, improves jobs in the community, according to Marsello. Enhancing ones skills to perform better in the workplace and reduce anxiety about competence, created happier, more productive workers.  

Marsello also talks about why programs are so successful, and he attributes these characteristics:  

  1. A program that is financially self-sufficient (not a drain on another entity).
  2. Know what data to collect and how to use it to make decisions for their programs.
  3. A program must use best practices, based on industry experience.
  4. Have the right tools to manage your program.

To get details on these and more key components of a winning program, check out the webinar recording

Brady elaborates on why Lumens is an effective tool to manage your program. Lumens helps you streamline your processes, make decisions based on cumulated data, easy interface on an e-commerce site.  

Augusoft is and always has been solely focused on the continuing education market.  The team has over 100 years of experience in continuing education. To support workforce programs, Lumens has tools to manage Certificates, Contract training, and tools for marketing automation.  

Lumens is developed based on best practices, they make strategic updates to the system continuously based on customer feedback, LERN best practices and industry trends. To learn more about Lumens schedule a demo.


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