The Critical Data Continuing Education Programs Need to Collect

Data! Data! Data! At the LERN Institutes held earlier in April, the Data Mantra was pounded home in all the Institutes. Successful continuing education divisions make data-driven decisions, thus they know the data to collect and they analyze and act on the stories the data tells.


The most critical data to be collecting and analyzing is:

  • Registration Data – Each registration provides purchasing and demographic data.
  • Programming Data – Each class provides cost and benchmark performance data.
  • Marketing Data – Each registration provides promotion method data.
  • Sales Data – Each contract provides cost and benchmark data.

Your software system must be able to not only collect the data required, but it then must also be able to analyze and extract the data for more in-depth data analysis. Augusoft Lumens allows for both. Lumens utilizes LERN’s registration, programming, and contract sales data analysis tools to provide critical information such as repeat rate, operating margin percentages, comparisons between subcategories, primary carrier routes, and class and contract projections.

As the continuing education industry shifts from task-based to outcome-based job descriptions, data plays an even more important role. Management cannot evaluate staff without knowing the numbers. Quarterly staff performance needs to be compared to industry benchmarks and division goals to ensure both staff and the continuing education division are on track.

For more information on the data to collect contact LERN at and to learn how your software system can make you a data-driven continuing education division go to