Support Procedures

We’ve designed our software to be flexible to fit your ever-changing program needs. Our Customer Support team will acknowledge all requests within 24 hours of receipt and will be happy to help you with site set up, system functions, usage, site graphics and colors.

Your Augusoft Lumens is built to manage the complexities of building and running a lifelong learning program. To support you, we provide a capable customer support team to resolve your problems quickly and easily.

What should I do if I encounter a problem while using Lumens?

Augusoft provides online registration support with call center support, automated issue submission, online tools or personal and/or team training. We can also partner you with LERN consulting or you can select from one of our Certified Lumens Users. Please contact our Customer Support Team for quick answers to your questions and solutions to any problems you may be experiencing.

How does Augusoft respond to problem reports?

Augusoft will acknowledge all requests within 24 hours of receipt and respond with an answer or action being taken to deliver a solution. For all critical problems we deliver resolutions as quickly as possible. We keep you notified of the status of your inquiry by email. We keep you informed of system-wide issues with regular alerts through our Customer Communication Center, located at your Lumens Administrative home page or by email.

How can I get advice on setup and usage of my Lumens system?

Our customer support staff will be glad to answer all your questions. On request, we will also be happy to schedule a meeting with you by phone to discuss problems, to review system functions or explore custom enhancements.

Can I change my Lumens site graphics and colors?

Lumens Power Users have the ability to update graphics on the site. Augusoft customer service can assist with any support questions.