Software Requirements for Running a Successful Contract Training Program

Contract training has become a prominent feature in the continuing education business model as companies look for ways to train their staff more effectively and keep their workforce current with new skills and knowledge trends. The knowledge-based economy is making partnerships between education and business more commonplace and increasingly essential. Many continuing and community education programs at community colleges and universities now provide contract training to local businesses, government, and non-profit organizations. Programs that offer contract programs typically sign an agreement with a business or organization to provide a service at a set fee. Contract training is quickly becoming an essential financial component for these programs. As such, it is important that your continuing education program have a way to support contract training.


Contract training programs require the advanced features of a software system to help facilitate partnerships with business, government and non-profit organizations.

Supporting contract training goes beyond merely offering businesses the ability to train their employees through your program; your program also needs smart business tools to manage all facets of contract training. To be successful, contract training programs require the advanced features of a software system to help facilitate these business learning partnerships.

The management needs of staff in programs that provide contract training are different from the needs of staff developing open enrollment classes. The right software system must be able to meet the unique needs of these contract training program staff. Contract training staff need to be able to track various activities and discussions with businesses and organizations. A good contract training software program lets you create and maintain business and organizational profiles separate from student profiles. A contract training program should also let you associate individual student profiles with their network to employers.

Contract training software should also be able to track rudimentary details of the contract – how contract payment is processed, what kind of classes are offered, and how many classes or registrations are covered by the contract. Contract training often involves complicated registration and transaction processes. Your contract training software system needs to be flexible enough to let businesses or organizations use these processes to purchase classes for their employees. The software must offer flexible pricing and payment options such as “bulk” registrations or discounts or charging classes to an employer account. Companies need to pay for their employees’ registrations, while still having the registration be under the employee’s name.

To keep track of these registrations, your contract training software needs to have a fully configured accounts receivable program. Businesses, non-profits, and governments need to ensure that their employees are getting the proper training for the job. Therefore, any contract training software system should be able to track credits and CEUs and report on the employee’s progress towards training goals.

Your contract training software system also needs to generate key client reports that provide different analyses than standard open enrollment reports. These reports include full accounts receivable reporting, and grades and attendance reporting. Each report should be customizable to include only a single organization’s data – your staff shouldn’t have to work to create organization specific reports. This data should also be useful to your program, and be fully exportable into your offline accounting software.

Contract training helps generate valuable partnerships between business, non-profits, government and learning organizations. It also can lead to a very complicated registration and accounting process. You should make sure that your contract training software system helps to simplify this process by hosting contract training registration, accounting, and management functions in one central location.

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