Selecting a Class Registration Software

Considerations for Selecting a Class Registration System

Paper registrations and spreadsheets have long become methods of the past in Continuing Education. Your department may already use an online registration system, but you still need more out of your enrollment management and credit card processingYour next step of selecting a class registration software can be transformative for your program – so it is imperative to choose wisely 

We have listed considerations to make when selecting the right system for your needs: 

Does it fit your budget?

Selecting a class registration system is a substantial investment in your program and operating within your budget can be a challenging endeavor, but the price tag may not be the only consideration. When talking pricing, ask rour Product Advisor, “What can I expect my ROI to be?” 

We have customers who say they their investment paid for itself within one quarter to replace the costs of having to hire fulltime employee. On average, programs that use Lumens® see a 13% increase in enrollments within the first year of implementation. 

"We were able to reduce operational overhead and reposition it into revenue generation. The cost for us to partner with Augusoft and implement Lumens, was less than a full-time FTE... and to transition that to sales, we saw an instant Return on Investment within our first quarter."

Rodney Holt, Red Deer College

Augusoft publicly posts pricing for all solutions and has an option that will both fit your program’s needs and fall within your budget. Use the ROI Calculator to calculate your program’s expected return on investment.

Do you have buy-in from decisionmakers?

Consider who your internal stakeholders are. Who needs a seat at the table? Is it your Operations Manager, your CIO or perhaps even your Chancellor or Dean? In many cases, the table is large and every opinion mattersbut your college’s executive decisionmaker is the one you’ll want to include to ensure they understand the business case, how the solution will meet the needs to accelerate your program and become a powerful revenue stream for the institution 
Our team members work closely with all roles and departments from decisionmakers to staff users to make sure that every important element in the discovery process has been heard and responded to 

What features do you require? Do they come with the solution or are they add-ons?

Some technology vendors showcase a reduced base price then charge for specific features, add-ons, support calls, etc… which can add up over time becoming an expensive solution for what your program really needs.  
Does a certain percentage of your revenue rely on summer programs and camps? Then, household management via your class registration system may be a high priority for you. In the Summer Programs Study, we found that only 41% of non-Lumens user organizations have the ability to create household profiles and keep track of student demographics and emergency contacts as a household. This is one example of how Lumens provides the features based on best practices and specific needs for Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs. See the full list of features. 

What integrations do you need?

Not every program requires integration with their Campus Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or Learning Management System (LMS), but many Continuing Education staff appreciate the reduced work time and redundancies of the information flow 
Lumens integrates with Banner, Colleague and PeopleSoft as well as Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace and Moodle. Check out our Partners and Integrations page to see all of the solutions we work with for your program’s highest success. 

How customizable is the solution?

Is the software your team is evaluating a one-size-fits-all approach? Your program is unique, so your system should be too! Our out-of-the-box solution is specifically designed for Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs, and through regular customer feedback, we make customizations and regular feature enhancements that are necessary for the programs we serve.  
In fact, one of the 4 Core Values that Augusoft displays is “Make Customers our Nucleus.” Our customers truly partner alongside of us to create long-lasting business relationships. With a 98% customer retention rate, we have happy customers for, in many cases, the life of their programs.  

How easily are you able to report out?

Reporting metrics is a vital component to running a successful CE program. Do you have State reporting requirements? Are you able to customize your reports? Lumens proudly offers hundreds of built-in reports making it easy to report to your system office or higher executives. Any report that you can think of, Lumens can provide! 

What does the software company have to offer you?

Does the solution you’re evaluating charge per user, contact, transaction etc…? When you add a Lumens subscription to your business plan, you’ll receive free live customer support, unlimited registrations, transactions and staff users along with unprecedented customer service from initial interest with our Product Advisors to face time with our IT Developers and Implementation Managers.

When you’re ready to select a Class Registration System

The notion of selecting a class registration system is an exciting oneand our Product Advisors are here to guide you along the way with helping to answer these questions and meeting the expectations and requirements that your program has in a class registration software system. 

We’re ready to help you boost your enrollments!