Customer Support

Our Pledge

Augusoft uses the latest technology to develop and maintain Lumens and has aggressive standards in place to ensure Lumens is available and fully functional at all times. On occasion, our customers may require assistance from product specialists. We pledge to provide an exceptional support experience through easy access to information, staff and solutions.

Our Goal

Provide outstanding customer service and support. To achieve this goal and to help you optimize Lumens benefits and features, we provide a variety of support services to answer inquiries and develop user expertise such as:

Timely Response

Augusoft will acknowledge all requests within 24 hours of receipt and respond with an answer or action being taken to deliver a solution. For all critical problems we deliver resolutions as quickly as possible. We keep you notified of the status of your inquiry by email. We keep you informed of system-wide issues with regular alerts through our Customer Communication Center, located at your Lumens Administrative home page or by email.

Knowledge Base

Augusoft empowers customers to help themselves. Our online knowledge base answers commonly asked questions with clear explanations and step-by-step instructions. New items appear regularly to support you with the use of Lumens. In addition, customers have access to an extensive archive of industry and product-related news articles and online training sessions.

Customer Feedback

Customer needs drive innovation. User requests and suggestions frequently result in enhancements to Lumens. While not all suggestions are implemented immediately, we committed to ongoing product updates that help customers manage market and grow successful lifelong learning programs. Please contact Augusoft at support@augusoft.net with your ideas. We welcome your input.

Site Review

Augusoft conducts a thorough review of the customer’s website presence and how Lumens is being used.  In an effort to maximize use of the software, the discussion focuses on the features available with the license and the extent each feature is used, or in some cases not used.  Newly released features are called out as a refresher.  The central focus of the review is to ensure customers are aware of the functionality and to encourage use the features that will benefit their program.