Customer Success Stories

Augusoft takes pride in the success of our customers and their stories. Here is just a glimpse of how Lumens has changed their lives, helped their programs grow and become more efficient so they could spend time developing instead of maintaining.

Columbus State University Division of Continuing Education – with Susan Wirt

“We like the fact that all of the standard reports can be customized in Lumens. This is important because there are times when you may want to see one part of the data in one setting and another part in another setting, and it’s nice to be able to then run and compare them.”
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Metro Continuing Education, Edmonton Public Schools – with Kevin Stevenson
“We were very excited about Lumens when we first saw it, particularly when we learned that Lumens was built with LERN best practices, as that was extremely important to us.”
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Central New Mexico Community College – with Evelyn Dow
“Lumens not only offered us the ability to offer online self-registration, but provided us with the ability to easily embed keywords and taglines into our site to make it easier for people to find us and enroll in classes.”
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Lord Fairfax Community College – with Bill Pence
“One of our favorite features has been the intuitive interface that allows our coordinators to access much of the information they need without having to request the operations team to do so.”
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St. Petersburg College – with James Connolly
“The expense of Lumens coupled with the rightsizing of the department made the purchase a ‘no brainer.’ The system matches the business model our corporate customers expect and what was needed for the non-credit departments within the college.”
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Apollo Career Center – with Rick Turner
“Lumens has provided our students with the many conveniences offered through online registration capabilities. It has also given our school very useful data through the comprehensive reporting system now available to us.”
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