Registration Software Implementation Considerations: The Power of People, Process and Time (PPT)

The Power of People, Process and Time (PPT)

Author: Matt Schwalbach, Implementation and Training Specialist

The contract is signed, and the kick-off call has been set. The anticipation of implementing your program’s new registration system is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Well, maybe a butter knife because it is a registration system, after all.

You’re all set. You think to yourself, “Plug it in, train me and let’s go!”

Hang tight! We’ll gladly help you get to your happy place, but there are some considerations to make before we get too far down the path. The more thoughtful analysis of your program in three areas before the point of implementation, the more successful your implementation will be. And almost none of it has to do with software.

A Closer Look at People, Process and Time ​

People: How Expectations and Attendance Impact Success 

Do you have the right people in the room (or on the Zoom)? Have they been specifically told what their role in this implementation will be? Have expectations been set around attendance and the work that they may be asked to do?

It is important to have the right people involved and, as much as is possible, to define their role expectations early in the process. Consider too, what role your boss(es) will play. After all, they have a vested interest in a successful implementation as well. Check in with your team periodically to make sure you are staying aligned in your goals and expectations.

Lastly, are the people involved the best ones to play a role in the implementation? Think about how they generally react to shifting work and change in general. Usually, the best people to lean on are those that are open to trying new things. They can help you bring others along for the ride. If you have someone that may not like their world shifted, it will be worth it to set the stage, recognize that this may be difficult for them, and communicate that their participation is integral to the team’s success.

Process: Aligning Your Team with One Goal

Do you currently have your processes outlined? Great! Are they documented? Even better! You will be way ahead of the game if you are able to articulate your current processes. You will be able to show how your registration process was done previously, how it will be done using the new system, and capitalize on the positive changes.  

You may have an implementation that involves multiple departments with slightly different processes. Once you implement, it will be helpful for all staff users to get aligned on one process. After all, you are now all on the same system. It will help you down the line from management, documentation and onboarding perspectives as well. 

Time: Staying on Track

Time is one of the most underestimated elements in software implementations. Setting realistic time expectations is vitally important. Seek to be as realistic as possible from the jump. Other work tasks will still need to get done every day, so ensure you and your team are allowing enough time in the implementation to get both the everyday and implementation work done. If that means dialing back your implementation timeline, that’s okay! You’ll be glad you did.

What gets cut out when there’s not enough time? Change management. Or more specifically, allowing your users to take in the training, apply what they’ve learned, and feel comfortable with their role in the system.

Another thing that gets short shrift is testing. Just ‘winging it’ come go-live might produce mountains of frustration and less adoption from all your users, both staff and students. Change management and testing are key pieces to your implementation’s success.

Ready to get started? Let’s Implement!

While People, Process and Time (PPT) is certainly not all-encompassing, it is a good place to start. Focus placed on these elements, will provide a pathway to a successful Lumens® implementation.

Now, let’s get started!