Record Attendance at Annual Lumens User Summit

The annual Lumens User Summit is held in conjunction with the annual LERN Conference, the most exciting week in Lifelong Learning. At the User Summit, Lumens users enjoy two days of hands-on training from the Augusoft Customer Service team, networking opportunities with fellow Lumens users and colleagues, and previews of new Lumens features and functionality.

One of the highlights from the first day of the User Summit was a presentation by Greg Marsello of LERN on “LERN’s Best in Lumens.” Greg’s presentation was also broadcast live as a national webinar. In his presentation, Greg explained how continuing education programs are able to make better data driven decisions by using the data collected with Lumens along with the LERN software tools. Greg then demonstrated how the use of data collected from Lumens and inputted into the LERN Market Segment, Program Planner, and Contract Training software tools can help program managers better understand the needs of their program and make crucial program planning decisions.