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Augusoft’s core product Lumens is an enrollment management system designed specifically for the non-credit education market. Lumens provides growth and efficiencies to continuing education, workforce development, corporate training and certificate programs in hundreds of colleges and universities in United States and Canada. 

  • Lumens Standard (STND)

  • $9,900


  • Lumens Standard offers your program online self-registration – combined with Web-hosted course, catalog and report management tools. Save time by building your class catalog and website simultaneously. Manage instructors and catalogs, offer promotional discounts, and generate executive and marketing reports.
  • Lumens Collective (CLTV)

  • $14,900


  • Lumens Collective is a unique product that allows both member and non-member registration while providing the ability to offer membership benefit discounts and/or other special accommodations. Lumens Collective is ideal for managing registrations for participants of Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLI), as well as other similar membership-only programs such as Lifelong Learning 50+, or Learning in Retirement.
  • Lumens Professional (PRO)

  • $21,900


  • Lumens PRO is the most comprehensive SaaS solution in the market built to manage all aspects of a successful open enrollment program. It includes all the STND and CLTV features plus: waiting list management, grades and attendance, room management, class series, discounts, promotions, instructor access, flexible reporting, third party pay, and more.
  • Lumens Integrated (iPRO)

  • $49,900


  • Lumens iPRO enables you to realize the benefits of Lumens while maintaining a single system of record. Lumens iPRO is the only solution that integrates with all three major ERP systems: Oracle PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner & Ellucian Colleague.

    Compare Lumens iPRO to Ellucian’s Elevate.

    One-time setup fee of $29,900.
  • Feature

  • Customizable Branded Website
  • Online/Print Catalog Production
  • Shopping Cart
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Social Media Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Gift Purchase
  • Promotions
  • Reporting Engine with 125+ reports
  • Report Scheduling
  • Customizable Reports
  • Instructor Management
  • Record Grades & Attendance
  • Go/No Go Decision Support
  • LERN Analysis Tools
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • User Access Roles
  • Release Forms
  • Waiting List Management
  • Customized (User-defined) Fields
  • Evaluations
  • Class Discounts
  • Members-only Registration
  • Course Series
  • Third Party Pay
  • Document Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Instructor Contracts
  • Advanced Room Management
  • Merchandise
  • Integration
  • Peoplesoft Integration
  • Banner Integration
  • Colleague Integration

Add-on Modules Include:

Certificate Management:
Create, track and run part-time and full-time certificate programs. Manage electives, course sequences, required classes, grades and attendance, payment terms and funding sources including financial aid.
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Annual subscription from $7,900 – $14,900

Contract Training Management:
Offer customized course catalogs through private portals to corporations in your community.
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Annual subscription from of $4,900 – $10,900

Lumens Connect – Marketing Management:
Full suite of online marketing tools to help you execute, track, fine-tune and automate e-marketing campaigns.
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Annual subscription from $6,900 – $11,900

Lumens Customer Progress Plan

Image of various dashboards in LumensAll prices include:
– Unlimited live customer support
– Implementation & training
– Unlimited transactions
– Unlimited users
– Ongoing upgrades & training
– Credit card gateway
– 2000+ built-in online classes