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Augusoft’s core product Lumens is an enrollment management system designed specifically for the non-credit education market. Lumens provides growth and efficiencies to continuing education, workforce development, corporate training and certificate programs in hundreds of colleges and universities in United States and Canada. Here is a typical Lumens Customer Progress Plan institutions go through to acquire Lumens for their programs.


  • Lumens Standard (STND)

  • $9,900


  • Lumens Standard offers your program online self-registration – combined with Web-hosted course, catalog and report management tools. Save time by building your class catalog and website simultaneously. Manage instructors and catalogs, offer promotional discounts, and generate executive and marketing reports.
  • Lumens Collective (CLTV)

  • $14,900


  • Lumens Collective is a unique product that allows both member and non-member registration while providing the ability to offer membership benefit discounts and/or other special accommodations. Lumens Collective is ideal for managing registrations for participants of Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLI), as well as other similar membership-only programs such as Lifelong Learning 50+, or Learning in Retirement.
  • Lumens Professional (PRO)

  • $21,900


  • Lumens PRO is the most comprehensive SaaS solution in the market built to manage all aspects of a successful open enrollment program. It includes all the STND and CLTV features plus: waiting list management, grades and attendance, room management, class series, discounts, promotions, instructor access, flexible reporting, third party pay, and more.
  • Lumens Integrated (iPRO)

  • $49,900


  • Lumens iPRO enables you to realize the benefits of Lumens while maintaining a single system of record. Lumens iPRO is the only solution that integrates with all three major ERP systems: Oracle PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner & Ellucian Colleague.

    Compare Lumens iPRO to Ellucian's Elevate.

    One-time setup fee of $29,900.


Add-on Modules Include:

Certificate Management:
Create, track and run part-time and full-time certificate programs. Manage electives, course sequences, required classes, grades and attendance, payment terms and funding sources including financial aid.
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Annual subscription from $7,900 – $14,900


Contract Training Management:
Offer customized course catalogs through private portals to corporations in your community.
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Annual subscription from of $4,900 – $10,900


Lumens Connect – Marketing Management:
Full suite of online marketing tools to help you execute, track, fine-tune and automate e-marketing campaigns.
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Annual subscription from $6,900 – $11,900

               All prices include:

               – Unlimited live customer support
               – Implementation & training
               – Unlimited transactions
               – Unlimited users
               – Ongoing upgrades & training
               – Credit card gateway
               – 2000+ built-in online classes

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