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Technology Infrastructure

Augusoft® continuously improves our infrastructure and the Lumens codebase to achieve and exceed the industry standards of server uptime. We work hard to maintain a 99.9 percent server uptime giving learners, teachers and administrators access to Lumens anytime, anywhere.

Access = Speed
Augusoft's data center harnesses a direct and powerful connection to ensure our customers quick access to Lumens sites. Staff can access and perform all Lumens functions quickly, and spend less time waiting for reports or forms to load. Students can navigate Lumens catalogs quickly, easily find classes and process their own registration in less time than placing a phone call.

Utmost Care = Security
Augusoft takes the security and integrity of our customerís data very seriously. Customers of a SaaS deployment model such as Lumens® Lifelong Learning Management System seek assurance that the same level of due diligence they might employ in their own systems is just as important to Augusoft. Therefore, Augusoft has implemented the Defense in Depth information security strategy to infrastructure, guidelines and procedures - which is designed to ensure a world-class secure environment.

For more information on Lumens and security, request our Information Security White Paper.

This white paper describes to current and prospective customers the Defense in Depth security strategy Augusoft adheres to in safeguarding proprietary data and defend against possible attacks.

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