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Products + Services

Augusoft’s spectrum of products and services give you various core applications you need, specifically tailored to fit the size and needs of your program while integrating with your investment of best-practice tools.

Lumens - An Augusoft Innovation
Augusoft created Lumens the Web-based business management system with customizable features, so educational organizations can meet the challenges of managing their business in a competitive lifelong learning environment. Through its customizable family of products, the Augusoft sales and customer service team works with your program to determine which Lumens system is right for your organization.


Lumens Standard (STD)
Lumens Standard offers continuing and community education (CE) programs online self-registration - combined with Web-based course, catalog and report management tools. Lumens easy-to-use interface allows you to: manage instructors and catalogs, offer promotional discounts, and generate executive and marketing reports. Save time by building your class catalog and website simultaneously.

Lumens Advantage (ADV)
Need a little more than Lumens Standard to run and grow your program? With Lumens Advantage you may select (3) additional features from the Lumens Professional feature suite to cost-effectively create an advantage in your marketplace. Commonly chosen features include: room management, user-defined fields and class discounts.

Lumens Professional (PRO)
Our flagship product, Lumens Professional, allows you to provide an increased level of service to your lifelong learning community. Enjoy all the features found in Lumens STD with additional features: room management, waiting list management, class series options, class discounts, instructor access, and flexible reports maximize your ROI.

Lumens Contract Training (CT)
Built on Lumens Professional features and functionality, Lumens Contract (customized) Training allows you to manage your CE program efficiently while generating additional revenue selling contract and customized training solutions to your corporate community. Manage company profiles, track and organize customer contacts, while providing company representatives access to Lumens. Easily track the financial and registration activity of this line of business.

Lumens Business-to-Business (B2B)
Easily manage your entire corporate client’s lifecycle- from proposal to contract to invoice while increasing enrollment, income and learner outcomes. Lumens B2B is built atop the functionality of Lumens Contract Training. Provide flexible billing terms and manage non-class items and cost. Create your own or use built-in proposal and contract templates. Generate client invoices, manage instructor and vendor payments and record receivables. The added efficiency supports the building of new partnerships and cross-functional relationships with internal departments, industries and state agencies.

Lumens Entrepreneur (ENT)
Streamline your entrepreneurial business by running your continuing education (CE) and contract training programs in one system using Lumens Entrepreneur. Manage open enrollment and CE operations easily while delivering contract (customized) training services to your corporate clients. This combined feature suite of Lumens Professional, Contract Training and Business-to-Business shares one platform with dynamic reporting capabilities needed to run a comprehensive lifelong learning program.

Lumens Workforce (WF)
Lumens Workforce is designed for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that prepare secondary and post-secondary students for employment. This unique product provides you with the ability to offer open enrollment class/courses contract and contract training services. Built atop the functionality of Lumens Professional and Lumens Contract Training - Lumens Workforce helps you manage: enrollment prerequisites, full-time student functions, financial aid packages, externalfunding sources and payment period dealines. Enjoy built-in ACT WorkKeys® formulas that track activities such as completion status reports and record industry-specific test results to measure students’ real-world skills.

Lumens Enterprise (EP)
The Lumens Enterprise solution provides your program with all the features and functionality needed to run an all-encompassing lifelong learning program. Benefit from all the best-practice tools in Augusoft’s flagship product, Lumens Professional combined with Lumens Contract Training, Business-to-Business and Workforce to provide you with a broad-scope solution to run your entire non-credit business on one Lifelong Learning Management System.

Continuous Enhancements and Product Development
As part of your subscription to Lumens, Augusoft ensures you never outgrow your system. Customers enjoy seamless enhancements administered directly to your site, with no interruption to your service. Augusoft releases approximately one major enhancement per year. Research, Product Advisory Boards and LERNŽ best-practices are used in developing enhancements, new products and services. This ensures your program will benefit from industry-specific features, reporting capabilities and global lifelong learning resources that always increase your ROI.

Additional Services
Additional services such as Multiple Catalogs, Google Analytics®, ERP data integration, online class provider integration,® integration and state reporting customizations are available for an additional cost. Simply ask our team what we can do for you and your organization.

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