Proactive Customer Service Can Have a Huge Impact on Customer Experience, Retention and Loyalty

Continuing education and customized training units strive to get product/service quality and customer service scores of 4+ out of 5 when surveying students and clients. Without good product/service quality and customer service, other best practices are not going to positively impact the unit’s overall performance. Students and clients expect “A1 Second to None” product/service quality and customer service.customer service

Great customer service is not just about being able to answer questions, respond quickly, and solve problems. Even more critical, is the ability of customer service staff to impact student and client retention. Customer service staff must be more proactive and take on the responsibility of knowing the next class a student should be taking due to the certificate program they are enrolled in and knowing what class the student took, have taken but have not yet signed up for.

For customized training clients, customer service staff must support salespeople to coordinate the sharing of information with present clients while focusing on helping them to improve their business and understand how the customized training unit can help.

5% of a continuing education and customized training unit’s marketing budget should be focused on customer and client retention which in most cases, staff time is dedicated to providing the services required. In addition to spending marketing money on inbound and outbound promotion campaigns, money should also be allocated for customer and client retention.