Planning for Success

BusinesswomanWinning continuing education programs plan for the future. The two planning tools they use are a One-Year Business Plan and a Strategic Plan.

The Learning Resources Network (LERN) at has developed industry models for each plan ensuring the plan structures include the important information needed to support success. Both plans require data analysis in order to set programming, contract sales, marketing and operations direction. Thus the need for a software system such as Lumens. ¬†Lumens gives you the ability to collect the data that you need. With Lumens you can analyze the data using LERN’s data analysis tools integrated into Lumens. With LERN data analysis tools, you can project classes to offer, contracts to sell, and so on.

Of the two plans, the One-Year Business Plan is the most critical because you need to be able to implement your strategic goals. The One-Year Business Plan also supports implementation. Take the time to plan. Good programs set goals, thus ensures accountability.