Pierpont Community and Technical College uses World Education Classes in Lumens to Boost Revenue

Minneapolis, Minn. – February 28, 2017 – Augusoft’s client Pierpont Community and Technical College’s (PCTC) Continuing Education (CE) program started offering online classes integrated into Lumens at the beginning of last year. The program has found the most success with World Education® classes that they seamlessly integrated in their Lumens site.

Pierpont services about 1200 students a year 65% of those are repeat students and attributes almost half of the Continuing education department’s revenue last year to online classes sales.

With online classes integrated into Lumens, customers can offer a wider variety of classes with a flexible self-paced format while not incurring any curriculum development costs or risk to the program. When a class sells, the program keeps their profit margin. “It just makes sense financially as you don’t have the cost of equipment books, materials, instructor, and then the risk of a class not running. You don’t pay, unless the student buys. No wasted effort,” stated PCTC’s Director for Continuing Education, Kimberly Cale. Augusoft’s partner class providers update their catalogs about twice a year to ensure the most updated content for students to get the knowledge they need out of online classes.

World Education is one of the four online class providers that Augusoft customers can offer in their Lumens site. World Education has over 1,000 professional enrichment and career training classes in Lumens. Staff import the online classes and select the ones they want to offer. For additional info on getting started with online classes in Lumens contact OCP@augusoft.net.

To read the full story about PCTC’s success with World Education click here.

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