Tips of the Month

September 2015

Tools to support Company sponsored registrations are always a benefit.  A new functionality allows you to move a registration sponsored by a company from one student to another as long as they are tied to the same company. Utilizing the transfer tool, find the student registered in the class.  In the drop down menu for the class, select ‘transfer registration’.  You then have the ability to select any student tied to the company and move them onto the roster in place of the previous learner.  Save valuable time by cancelling one student and registering a different student.

August 2015

Sometimes it can be difficult to notify your teams of important processes or decisions.  One way to keep all of your Lumens staff users on the same page is to use the staff welcome template. Many schools have had success posting updates and important information to the staff welcome page. One of the ways to utilize this area as a resource is to add links to process documents if any of these are web hosted.  Having resources related to Lumens use located in one central location can greatly increase the utilization of such documents.

If you do not have process documents to post, consider using this space for announcements as needed. When there is nothing of real importance to announce, then simply post an inspiring statement, quote, picture or even just something to make your staff smile or laugh.

Remember, the more frequently you update this template with useful, important or fun information the more your team will learn to give this area a quick look when logging into your Lumens site.  Having a platform for staff communication is never a bad idea.

July 2015

Have you ever been asked “What was the balance of our Accounts Receivable at the end of year?”   A report available in Lumens allows your organization to take a snapshot of the AR Account Balances on a specified date. The ‘AR Balance As Of’ report is designed to allow a staff member to view AR balances by either AR Account, Transaction or Accounting Code at a particular point in time. The report itself is fairly simple, but the impact is big.

There are three ways to run the report with varying amounts of detail:

  1. See the balance on individual accounts with one line per account as of the date specified in the filter criteria.
  2. See one line per transaction for all transactions meeting the filter criteria. The report then displays the balance amount for each transaction as of the date specified in the report filter criteria.
  3. The report can break down each transaction and list the balance amount per accounting.

The need to pull a report on the last day of the month or fiscal year has been relieved, making end of the month or fiscal year accounts reconciliation more straightforward.  Simply enter the date at which you would like to view the status of your accounts and let Lumens do the rest.

June 2015

Listen to Your Customers. When looking for direction on what needs to be fixed or improved or what new products and services should be offered, you should only be talking to your best customers and clients – those participating in the last year and spending more than the average customer or client. Responding to their needs will increase your repeat rate. It will also attract new customers and clients with the same demographics whose need the product/service meets.

May 2015

A recent release in your Lumens site allows you to verify that the address being collected from a participant at the time of registration is valid and accurate.  The verification process leverages the United States Postal Service address database to provide address validation and cleansing. This is a free service from the USPS, but each organization must register for their own account.  When a participant submits a profile, the system suggests the most accurate address matching the one entered.  Use of this tool can greatly reduce the returned mailings and ensure that your communications are being received by your customers.

April 2015

If your organization is like many others in the continuing education and workforce development industry, sending out print catalogs and mailings is a major undertaking. The time and resources allocated to this task can make it tempting to stop the practice altogether. Research has shown that receiving a mailing is still a leading trigger for learners to register for classes and can be an excellent return on your investment, especially if you have valid addresses in your Lumens® site from which to pull mailing lists.

March 2015

Growing numbers of Continuing Education units are realizing the benefits of a sales team for customized training. Giving that team the tools to make sales is important. Have a fully functioning CRM which integrates into your contract management software. Look for a solution which provides cradle to grave tracking of your sales from prospect through closed/won. A web-hosted solution which creates and stores all your documents provides you with the flexibility of working anytime/anyplace.

February 2015

Have a registration party. These days everyone loves a good deal and enjoys meeting instructors and other students. By partnering with a local pub or restaurant, move your registration office off-site for a night. By using a web-hosted registration system, as long as you have access to a secure Internet connection, you can process all your registrations that evening. Typically done on a Monday or Tuesday evening (a slow night for the restaurant), you can offer your students complimentary appetizers while they are choosing their classes. Run some specials and raffles throughout the night to entice additional registrations.

January 2015

Give students the ability to tell them what you would like to take. We all have wishes, but sometimes don’t know where to ask or who to ask. Why not give your students to make class suggestions right on your website. In addition, give your students to add their name and contact information to the wish list—that way when you offer that class—you can reach out to them directly.

December 2014

Make it easy for students to put themselves on a waiting list for your popular classes. Waiting lists not only give the students the ability to let you know they are willing to take an open slot—but they also give you a list of interested students when you open a new section. Giving advance registration privileges to students on your waiting list when you offer that class again is a great perk for them and shows your superior customer support.

November 2014

Buying classes online should be easy and intuitive. Allow your students to put multiple classes in their cart and check out with one transaction. This should be available for families as well. A Mom or Dad does not have time to go through multiple transactions if they are signing multiple children up for summer camp—make it easy and allow them to shop like they do on amazon.com.

October 2014

Diversify your online class design. There are some students who need to receive training at a certain time and day, and others who thrive in a more open-ended instructional design. Make sure you offer a healthy mix of both asynchronous and synchronous learning

September 2014

Make it easy for a company to enroll their employees in your open enrollment classes. A roadblock to registration can prompt the company representative to look elsewhere for employee training. By nurturing corporate relationships, you encourage both continuing education delivery and customized training business.

August 2014

Student retention is particularly important in certificate programs. Make sure you run progress reports on students in your certificate programs. Great student service when intervention is needed shows you care about them. Being able to respond to student needs will always reap great rewards.

July 2014

Use your previous year as a predictor of the future. No crystal ball needed—just data and the ability to analyze it. By looking at your historical data, it is a pretty good indicator of future behavior while also giving you the ability to factor in correction if needed.

June 2014

Target Market: Zip codes, demographics, course selection similarities allow you to see a pattern in enrollment. By tapping into that pattern, take advantage of known buying habits and market your programs accordingly.

May 2014

Make go-no go decisions separately. In an attempt to keep registration open and get a few more students, take a look at all upcoming classes 3 days prior and confirm those classes with enough to run. Classes that are definitely not going to make — cancel, but keep open the classes that fall in that fuzzy area of close to breaking even open. By encouraging last minute enrollment, you can decrease your cancellation rate and increase your revenue.

April 2014

Planning and great organization allows you to run your program with less stress. Instead of feeling like you are constantly putting out fires, put a few items in place that prepare you for the week ahead. Scheduling enrollment reports and classroom management reports allows you to see 7 days prior where things are in regards to upcoming classes.