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Product Description

Lumens Connect  is a seamless, real-time integration between Augusoft Lumens and Genoo® to provide continuing education programs a comprehensive suite of marketing tools. Genoo’s innovative marketing platform is an agile campaign automation tool that is supported by ongoing consulting services to ensure customers maximize the results of their efforts. Operating much like Constant Contact or MailChimp, Lumens Connect provides full marketing automation that integrates with Lumens.

Lumens Connect is an affordable, yet full-featured marketing automation solution that targets efforts based on results.

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Lead Generation and Lead Management

While Lumens is doing its job, Genoo manages program leads, email campaigns and automated lead nurturing campaigns. The seamless integration between Lumens and Genoo lets customers use key Lumens data to increase marketing ROI. The bold orange below identifies key integration points between Genoo and Lumens that make up Lumens Connect.

  • Centralized Lead Database - Sync Lumens students/company contact records easily with Genoo.
  • Microsites/Websites/Landing Pages - Create various branded microsites, unlimited website and landing pages with a full-featured content management system that includes SEO, Social Sharing and Follow Capabilities.
  • WordPress Plugin – Want to link to the college’s WordPress page? Engage site visitors, capture contact information, and continue to engage student and the company employees with relevant content, based on their interest.
  • Blogging - Publish a blog easily and continually engage target audience to keep interest level high.
  • Class List Widget - Indicate “open classes” on Genoo web pages. Configure class list appearance and set filters so Lumens class listings matches web page content.
  • Lead Capture Forms – Host these forms on Genoo Microsite, WordPress, or a Lumens website page. Choose pre-filled options to reduce friction & capture more information about program leads.
  • Custom Fields - Custom Genoo fields are populated automatically with Lumens registration information that helps with segmenting and targeting.
  • Lead Segmenting - Segment leads however needed to create tailored messages based on previously taken classes or featured classes of program’s choice.
  • Smart Rules - Trigger and automate actions based on a variety of buying behaviors, interests, expressions, and more!
  • Lead Activity Tracking and Unlimited Visits/Views - Track how leads respond to specific marketing campaigns, across Genoo Microsites, Lumens and external sites that have been defined.. Understand exactly how leads are engaging with specific marketing efforts.
  • On-Page SEO - No special widget to install, it comes standard with the Microsite CMS. Control the Page Title, Meta Description, and Page URL, as well as all of page content and headlines.
  • Auto De-Duplication - Automatically find, merge and de-dupe records based on email address.

Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing

Implement targeted marketing campaigns aimed at specific market segments using student and customer information directly imported from customer’s Lumens site.

  • Nurturing Sequences - Assemble emails into nurturing sequences that can be triggered automatically based upon lead activity.
  • Automatic Campaign Assignment - Which leads should get which nurturing sequence? Set up triggers and assignment rules that identify which lead nurturing sequences are best for a given lead.
  • Email Marketing - Professional email marketing with ease. Lumens customer can choose the Lumens Connect package that best fits based on program’s email volume and needs.
  • Social Media Sharing & Tracking - Easily include social follow and social sharing links in emails, on Genoo Microsite, and on Genoo landing pages. Track social media efforts, , generated traffic and who’s sharing what.
  • Lead "Interest Profiles" - Track everything leads do after they opt-in – including website visits, downloads, email opens and click-throughs across all of campaigns.
  • Saved Search - Dynamically determine campaign recipients using up-to-the-minute lead information.
  • Lead Import/Export - Import outside list of leads into Genoo with comma-separated-values files (CSV).
  • Content PDF & Image Library - House PDFs and images easily for consistent visuals and content in Genoo.
  • Flexible “Send” Scheduling – Setup and schedule emails to be sent on the date and time desired, on a one-time or recurring schedule basis, or within a lead nurturing sequences.
  • Opt-Out Tracking – Genoo is fully CAN-SPAM compliant making it easy for leads to opt-out of receiving your programs or program emails. Opt-out (do not email) list also available if needed.
  • Auto Bounce Handling - When emails bounce, Genoo marks those leads as bad emails. Management tools are in place to either get a working email, remove them, export them to provide back to the list provider, or hold.
  • RSS Feeds in Emails –Easily set up newsletters and populate them with RSS feed easily, simply create content and publish it to the RSS feed. Set the newsletter to send on a recurring schedule, and Genoo automatically checks to see whether there is any new content in the RSS feed based on the filters set. If there is, the email goes out. If not, it sets to check again based on the next send date.

Customer Relationship Management & Student Recruitment

Streamline the student engagement and tracking processes associated with enrollment marketing. Get the key features and functionality needed to support contract training programs. Easily identify and track a student or customer’s level of engagement using our built-in CRM called SalesView.

  • Genoo SalesView CRM – Perfect for small to mid-size programs with enrollment, contract and customized program/sales teams. Find and record new information and access activity data captured on leads as they respond to marketing efforts. The easy to understand Genoo sales scoreboard keeps everyone in the know.
  • Salesforce.com CRM Integration - Easily sync leads, contacts and company information between Genoo and Salesforce.com Professional or Enterprise. Pull across leads and contacts directly into Genoo or push those leads across automatically into Salesforce. com based upon Lead-to-CRM Triggers or lead score thresholds established. Need to sync your Lumens with Salesforce.com? Email sales@augusoft.net today.
  • Other CRM Integrations via Zapier.com - Drag and Drop integrations with hundreds of applications for many CRMs including Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Highrise, and twelve others!

Comprehensive Metrics

Augusoft provides programs with measurable results showing specific outcomes to help customers build and develop more effective marketing campaigns. Know how specific leads are responding to marketing efforts and have the ability to score activities.

  • Full Campaign Reports & Metrics – Includes opens, click-throughs, single page and multi-page visits, as well as the opt-out information.
  • Traffic, Conversion & Lead Tracking – Analyze website traffic including individual leads with conversion point tracking via dashboard which shows where conversions are happening, and at what rate. Easily drill down to determine lead conversions and understand how the website is attracting customers; manage, monitor and tweak to improve results.
  • Reachable vs. Engaged Leads - See at a glance what percentage of leads are engaged with program sites, emails, and content. Monitors bad emails and unsubscribes from the same screen. Track organic and imported lead growth using the Genoo Leads Overview Dashboard.
  • Most Responsive Leads – Determine from campaigns, including site visits, which are the most responsive leads in a list.
  • Most Popular Downloads - Determine which downloads are the most popular - in Genoo-hosted sites, as well as externally hosted sites, to understand what content is adding value.

Expert Support with Exclusive Augusoft Customer Pricing

Exclusive package pricing includes: Genoo training and implementation, email marketing bandwidth, hassle-free billing, ongoing marketing consultation services and the power of Lumens Connect (the Genoo Lumens Integration).

Innovation Built on Best Practices

Augusoft’s reputation as an innovative industry leader in software development is the result of our deep product capabilities, industry experience and dedication to our customers.

For more information about Augusoft’s products and services, click here or call (763) 331-8300.

  • Key Benefits & Features
  • Save Staff Time and Hours
  • Generate More Registrations and Grow Your Program
  • Includes Expert Marketing Support and Consulting
  • Incorporates LERN Best-Practices
  • One Agreement, One Bill Annually
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Website CMS & WordPress Plugin
  • Lead Nurturing, Tracking and Scoring
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Seamless Lumens Integration with Genoo
  • Salesview CRM or choose from 17 other CRM Integrations
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Dynamic Class List Widget


Best for small to mid-size programs.

$ 6,900 Includes following features:​
  • Includes ALL Genoo features and functionality; Website, Blogging, Landing Pages and Metric Analysis etc. PLUS
  • 15,000 Emails Per Month
    (Allowed email volume can be expanded for additional $8.50 per thousand per month.)
  • SalesView CRM / Salesforce.com Integration
  • 3 Users
  • 1 Site/Domain
  • Zapier Integration & REST API
  • Phone/Email Support
  • Lumens Connect - The Genoo-Lumens Integration
  • Pre-Startup Marketing Campaign Consultations
  • Full Start-up Support, Implementation and Training
  • Access to CE Best Practices Library
  • 2 Marketing Menu Items per year** (See below)


Perfect for mid-size to large programs
with a dedicated marketing staff member
$ 11,900 Includes following features:​
  • Includes ALL Genoo features and functionality; Website, Blogging, Landing Pages and Metric Analysis etc. PLUS
  • 50,000 Emails Per Month
    (Allowed email volume can be expanded for additional $5.00 per thousand per month)
  • SalesView CRM / Salesforce.com Integration
  • 10 Users
  • 3 Sites/Domains
  • Zapier Integration & REST API
  • Phone/Email Support
  • Lumens Connect - The Genoo-Lumens Integration
  • Pre-Startup Marketing Campaign Consultations
  • Full Startup Support, Implementation and Training
  • Access to CE Best Practices Library
  • 3 Marketing Menu Items per year** (See below)

**Marketing Menu Items

These consultation packages are designed to focus a Lumens user’s marketing efforts on specific areas for more measurable outcomes. These sessions are guided by a Genoo marketing expert to ensure staff understands how to use Genoo and the Lumens Connect integration.

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*All Lumens Versions Include:

  • Unlimited live customer support
  • Implementation & training
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited users
  • Ongoing upgrades and training
  • Credit card gateway
  • 2000+ built-in online classes

This partnership service is provided for Augusoft Customers using any Lumens product.

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The combination of Lumens with Genoo’s online marketing tools expands the interaction with your customers exponentially. Not only will it allow you to get more effective marketing campaigns implemented, the metrics will allow you to continuously improve your marketing efforts with no additional head count. That’s exciting

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