Lumens version 4.0 is coming in May 2003

Minneapolis, Minn. – March 3, 2003 – In response to feature requests from current and prospective customers, Augusoft’s development team has begun development on version 4.0 of the Lumens Pro system. Developers Robin Fladebo, Steve Lebahn and Donaleen Kohn have been hard at work improving Lumens feature set since mid-January. Version 4.0 is scheduled to be released to current customers in March or April 2003.

The new features slated for Lumens version 4.0 are profile management functions, grades and attendance recording and improved accounts receivable options.

The new profile management functions will let administration control the appearance, content and basic functionality of their customers’ profiles. The administration can then use these profiles to collect, store and report additional information about their customers using data items that they define. The profiles can also have fields in them which make customers eligible for certain discounts, such as employee and senior discounts. All profile changes are also reflected on current and future reports.

Version 4.0 also introduces a greatly expanded accounts receivable system. Individual student transactions that are paid with the on account payment method are recorded in the accounts receivable section. The transaction is then recorded as a charge to the student’s account. Once payment is received, staff can record the charge as being paid. The administration can also void any balance in a student’s account, if they wish.

The accounts receivable module also functions as a contract training system. Administration can record charges on individual accounts receivable transactions and have them paid by another account. This function is useful if a student takes a class that is paid for by their employer. The account can be charged under the registrant’s name, but be paid for by their company’s account.

Lumens Version 4.0 also sees the addition of a new grades and attendance module. Students can have grades recorded for classes they complete and also take attendance for classes that require a level of attendance for credit. The grades and attendance module can also be used for credits and CEUs that can be awarded to students who complete certain requirements.