Lumens Standard premiered at LERN annual conference

Minneapolis, Minn. – December 5, 2002  – In an effort to make lifelong learning management software more accessible to the continuing education market, Augusoft has released Lumens Standard. Cem Erdem, President and CEO of Augusoft, introduced his company’s new product at the LERN (Learning Resource Network) annual conference on December 6, 2002. Lumens Standard was created in response to the demand for a low-cost, Web-based solution for lifelong learning business management.

Erdem recognized that the field of lifelong learning was heading into a critical period. Increasingly, continuing education relies on the Web for registration and promotion, and many programs are looking to get a Web-based tool to help them manage their business.

“It is a crucial time to get a Web-based learning management system,” states LERN’s president, William Draves. LERN’s research predicts that all lifelong learning programs will be using Web-based software within the next 10 years.

Directors of lifelong learning programs told Augusoft sales staff that they needed a functional learning management system that was available at a lower price. Lumens Standard was designed for those programs that need a powerful learning management system, but can’t fit it in their budget or don’t want to pay for a set of extra features they won’t use.

Lowering the price of Lumens without compromising core functionality seemed like a good way to make a professional Web-based solution available to lifelong learning programs.

Lumens Standard is a fully functional, pared-down version of Lumens Pro, the flagship Augusoft software system. Augusoft has continually improved the basic feature set of Lumens: student and staff registration, registration management (transfer/cancel), course catalog creation and financial and management reports. Lumens Standard draws on this feature set, but does not have extended features that some learning programs don’t use. These features can be added to Lumens Standard individually at the customer’s request.

With Lumens Standard, lifelong learning programs have the opportunity to utilize a Web-based lifelong learning management tool to manage their catalog production, reporting and registration functions at a lower price.