Lumens Room Management Module released

Minneapolis, Minn. – February 18, 2003 – A new tool has been created to help with the difficult task of scheduling rooms for use in a lifelong learning program. With the addition of its room management module, Augusoft has added facilities management functionality to Lumens, its innovative Web-based enrollment management system. The Lumens room management module was designed to be completely integrated into current and future releases of Lumens. It functions alongside the critical core functions of the system and integrates fully into the class creation process.

Lumens room management feature set lets you quickly and easily enter vital information for an unlimited number of rooms. After rooms are set up, you can use them to host your classes by using the room scheduling screens that are seamlessly incorporated into all class set up functions. When a class is assigned to a room, Lumens automatically prints or sends email reservation requests to the room’s main contact, saving your staff time.

Lumens gives you the ability to find the perfect room for each class you offer. Advanced search options help you find room matches by searching room capacity, as well as for specific features that you define.

Keeping in mind that continuing education programs often have to share space with or rent out rooms to other organizations, the Lumens room management module allows you to track and manage several types of events in addition to classes. The external reservation menu lets you track one-time events that are hosted by other organizations. The room blocks function allows you to schedule periods of time when a room is not available for reservation. Both room blocks and external reservations show up in all relevant room management functions and reports.

Augusoft has also included an advanced scheduling database that recognizes scheduling conflicts and allows staff to resolve them. If someone schedules two classes in the same room with overlapping schedules, Lumens will flag down all days when the room schedule is in conflict. All class meetings with conflicts are listed in the room vonflicts menu, where you can change or cancel reservations for one or all class meetings in a room.

With the room management addition, Lumens extends its reporting functions by creating a set of exportable room reports. The room schedule reports allow you to sort and view scheduling information by location or date and export the data into another offline scheduling program. The room set up report displays set up instructions that you define for each room.

By creating an advanced set of online facilities management tools, Augusoft has managed to make room management a less daunting task.