Lumens Tips and Tricks

Augusoft’s first Larrabee Scholarship recipient, Alicia West from Central New Mexico Community College, shared one of her most useful tips at the Augusoft Lumens User Summit in November. Read on to see how some simple changes in your checkout process can save time and provide better service to your students.

Tip, Trick or Both: Both

Tip and/or Trick Name: Release Forms 

Summary of Tip and/or Trick: There are no limits on customizing and using Release Forms. We recommend that they be used especially for complex and/or highly technical matters so that  customers/students know exactly what they are getting into and can back away if desired before they register and pay. It is our experience that customers/students do not always read the class description to the level of detail we might need, and because they can add to their cart and process quickly without reading the course description, they might miss essential information that could cause issues and confusion later. Having to stop, read and submit the Release Form is one added layer to assure that individuals are registering for the right exam/course/event. In the long run, we all spend less time correcting errors.

Which technologies do you use to do this Tip and/or Trick? Lumens

Is there a technology cost associated with the Tip and/or Trick?  No

How might other institutions replicate, or adapt this Tip and/or Trick to make their work-life easier? Duplicate and expand the course description which indicates complex and/or highly technical matters on the Release Form, so that essential information that could cause issues and confusion later doesn’t get missed prior to the student registering for the class.