Lumens integrates with Credly for Digital Credentials

Digital Credentials Made Easy

Credly hosts the largest and most-connected digital credential network. They help the world speak a common language of verified knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Augusoft Lumens® is the most comprehensive e-commerce solution for Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs.

The Lumens and Credly integration, built using Credly APIs, allows staff to associate Credly badge templates with classes in Lumens. When a student has successfully completed the class, program staff can issue the badge to the student within Lumens, including setting an expiration date if appropriate. The issuance integrates to Credly; likewise, if there is a need to revoke or replace a badge, this can be done in Lumens with the integration updating Credly appropriately.

Drive your program forward with digital credentials in your Credly platform, now integrated with Augusoft Lumens.

“Integration with Credly is another way that Lumens® shows up for its users, especially in times of a shifting market. Digital credentials provide new opportunities for our customers’ programs as workforce retraining becomes more important than ever.”
Cem Erdem, CEO of Augusoft
Cem Erdem
CEO, Augusoft, Inc.

Success for your program is achievable with integration of Credly into the Lumens system.