Lumens and LERN

The winning partnership between Augusoft and LERN began with the creation of Lumens, the first comprehensive web-hosted enrollment management software system designed specifically for continuing education and community education programs across the nation. Augusoft has incorporated numerous LERN best-of-practice tools along with others gathered from clients and industry research to create this dynamic software.

LERN consults with Augusoft Lumens users to analyze their program’s data using specialized extract reports to enhance marketing and program management efforts. Using Lumens, you get Augusoft technology expertise and LERN’s analysis expertise.

“We purchased Lumens over other vendors because the software allows us to apply the LERN principles. The data we can now collect and analyze is amazing. These new features will be a selling point as to why we need to continue with Lumens and our LERN membership—which in this economic climate, gets questioned every year.”

- Luisa Motten, Program Manager, South Seattle Community College

LERN Tools
Augusoft Lumens® has built data collection reports into our cloud-based enrollment management system. The data from these reports can be downloaded easily into LERN’s Data Analysis Tools (Market Segment/Best Customers Tool, Program Planner Tool, Contract Training Tool) so you can more effectively make data driven decisions.

Premier Implementation Services
Augusoft, in partnership with LERN, offers a customized hands-on training and implementation option to help your program optimize the adoption of Lumens. Learn more about Lumens Premier Implementation Services.

LERN Conference
The LERN Annual Conference is the most exciting week in lifelong learning. The 2016 conference will be held November 16-19 in Baltimore. This is definitely one conference you won't want to miss!

Learning Resources Network (LERN) is an international association offering information and consulting to providers of lifelong learning programs. With 4,000+ members in over 1,000 organizations in 16 countries around the world, nearly 100 LERN members serve in the volunteer LERN leadership. LERN’s best-practices and practical how-to information help lifelong learning programs; increase enrollments, boost income, save costs and positively impact program unit’s bottom lines. LERN is the authoritative and distinctive source of practical information, best-of practice tools and learning resources for lifelong learning programs across the world.

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