Leslie Larrabee

About Leslie LarrabeeLeslie Larrabee

Leslie Larrabee was an innovator in the field of contract and customized training. She created systems and organized information that allowed organizations to run in a model of efficiency and brought her keen business acumen into the academic setting. For many, Leslie was more than a colleague—she was a mentor and a friend. Always with a smile on her face and a hearty laugh, Leslie’s zest for life was infectious. It was Leslie’s unique way of connecting with her customers that made them feel at ease. If you didn’t know Leslie, one brief story below gives you a sense of who Leslie was:

Leslie was not hearing back from a prospect she was courting through the sales process, so she sent him a brief note saying: “You are the worst boyfriend! You don’t call. You don’t write—I am breaking up with you!” Of course, that prompted an immediate positive response.

For those of you who knew Leslie, I know that you are smiling and laughing—please always remember Leslie in this way. She made our world joyful.

Tips and Tricks

As a trusted advisor, Leslie could always be counted on for a tip or trick that provided a solution to help both Augusoft customers and the staff in the office. Many of us at Augusoft have a folder on our hard-drive called “Tips and Tricks”—and most of them came from Leslie. To honor our dear friend, Augusoft established The Larrabee Scholarship in 2014. The award is easy to apply for, the criteria not complicated, but the award is quite valuable. The recipient of The Larrabee Scholarship will win a complimentary registration to the Annual Augusoft Lumens User Summit. To apply, please share with us your technology tip and/or trick that makes your work-life a little easier and showcases innovative uses of technologies in lifelong learning. Scholarship winner(s), will be ask to share that tip or trick with user summit attendees during the user summit. Sometimes, it is the simple things that make a difference—just like Leslie. Leslie’s smile and joy for life touched our hearts—those were her gifts.

Lifelong Learning Industry Experience

Leslie’s expert knowledge and work experience was well recognized within the California Community College System for Economic and Workforce Development and as District Dean of Economic Development/Contract Education for Chabot Las Positas Community College District and College of the Desert. Leslie’s more than twenty years of organizational development experience in a wide variety of industries including non-profit and education associations, was shared most recently with California Corporate College, NCCET, NCWE and LERN members. In addition, Leslie’s marketing and product development contributions can be seen today in high tech companies such as Augusoft, Comp USA, and Hewlett-Packard’s products and services. Leslie’s spirit, amazing smile, love of life, and respect for those she worked with and knew, and the hug of love and friendship she always greeted you with — will be greatly missed. Leslie was a graduate of California State University, Sacramento and held a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

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