LERN’s 3rd Annual Contracting Training Conference a Big Success

Augusoft’s partner LERN held it’s 3rd Annual Contract Training Conference recently in Chicago. Over 80 people were in attendance at this year’s conference, helping to make it the most successful conference to date. This year there was increased interest in lead generation strategies, finding/working with instructors, and marketing contract training. Although the competition is fierce, providers of contract training are making the necessary shifts to remain successful.


Shifting to being data-driven Contract Training Units was a priority for all attendees. At the Contract Training Conference presenters and attendees discussed what data to collect and the reports Contract Training Units should be generating. LERN’s Contract Training Tool used to analyze contract sales data was reviewed, as well as Lumens B2B, a cloud-based software tool to operate your Contract Training Unit and easily collect data for data analysis.

The key reports reviewed were Profitability Report, Client and/or Contract Star/Dog Reports, ROI Report, and LERN Key Formulas. By collecting the right data and analyzing the data, a Contract Training Unit can determine best strategies for growing sales, reducing costs, and generating a stronger operating margin. Even if the data is collected manually, the value of the reports generated is worth the time consumed in data collection.

“In my travels visiting Contract Training Units throughout North America it is very clear to me the Contract Training Units focused on contract sales data collection and analysis are making the smartest decisions about resource allocation and planning,” reported Julia King Tamang, LERN’s Senior Consultant for Contract Training during her Contract Training Trends Weather Report to open the Contract Training Conference.