The Larrabee Scholarship Background & Purpose

Established in 2014, in memory of former Augusoft employee Leslie Larrabee, The Larrabee Scholarship recognizes continuing education professionals for their innovative use of technology in lifelong learning and how they have used a technology tip and/or trick that has made their work-life easier. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a continuing education professional with an interest in attending the Augusoft Lumens Annual User Summit and improving lifelong learning for everyone. Continuing Education professionals from both credit and non-credit programs are eligible to apply. Scholarship winner will receive one (1) complimentary registration to the Annual Lumens User Summit.


Continuing education professionals who meet the following criteria are eligible for the scholarship:
  • Full‐time employee of a credit or non-credit program and/or entity that works within the discipline of community, open enrollment, contract/customized training or workforce development
  • Augusoft client and has completed Lumens training
  • An active Lumens user for at least 1 year

Selection Process

The scholarship recipient will be selected by the Augusoft Executive Team based on application materials provided, and will be notified by email. All scholarship applicants will be notified of Augusoft’s decision prior to the User Summit.


The scholarship winner will be awarded as follows:
  • Recipient will receive a Registration Voucher to the user summit in lieu of payment (or refunded if already submitted application)
  • Registration Voucher must be used within two years of being issued
  • Registration Voucher may be transferred to another individual within the same institution.
  • Registration Voucher will cover the admission cost to the user summit ONLY. Any additional costs associated with travel, food, lodging -- not included with user summit registration -- will be the responsibility of the Recipient
  • Value of Registration Voucher will not exceed $1,000 and is non-renewable

Additional Rules

  • Recipient will be expected to share the technology tip and/or trick with attendees during the User Summit
  • Recipient’s name and entity/intuition name will be announced on Augusoft’s website, Lumens Customer Announcement Page and on Augusoft U
  • Recipient’s name with institution name will be added to The Larrabee Scholarship plaque, located at Augusoft’s corporate office
  • Applicant(s) acknowledge that all ideas, suggestions, concepts and similar information, including all derivative works provided, discussed, developed or those which applicant becomes aware of will be exclusively and automatically owned by Augusoft. By submitting a technology tip and/or trick you expressly disclaim and assign to Augusoft any interest you may have in any such ideas, suggestions, concepts, information, and derivative works, including all copyright and other proprietary rights related thereto


If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at lumens@augusoft.net.

Scholarship Application