Key Components of an Online Class Offering Plan

Minneapolis, Minn. – June 2, 2015  – By Samantha Cimen, Augusoft Business Development Manager

Online classes are an integral supplement to your program’s in-person class options. But just like classes with a physical location, no one will register if they aren’t easy to find and your community doesn’t know about them. These are the three things you need to do to make sure your online classes benefit your program and serve your community:

  1. Single Sign On. Class needs to be easily accessible from the same place it were the registration was made. Partnering with a vendor that has direct integration with your registration system and allows the student to access the class directly from that system makes it easier for the student and increases likelihood of a good first impression and repeat customers.
  1. Advertise Online Classes in Your Print Catalog. Just because a student takes the class online doesn’t mean the marketing should be limited to digital. Getting your online classes in your print catalog is another way to let people know you offer online classes, but is still a very relevant medium, even for online class participants.
  1. Smart Marketing Campaigns. Many OCPs offer several classes, if you are adding them all to your catalog, how you organize them on your site, and how else you market them are important. Having a good marketing tool that allows you to track and react to website behavior and buyer history are key. Calling out popular classes on your homepage to draw in interested students is a simple way to start.