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Mobile Ready – SaaS Platform – Secure – Scalable

Top 5 things we do to make IT professionals’ lives easier.
Stretched thin? Augusoft’s 20+ years of experience helps 200+ higher education schools serve their non-credit students every day. Here’s how:

  1. We deliver a cost-effective, cloud-ready mobile CE solution. Our subscription based software, Lumens was the first web-hosted enrollment management system designed specifically for non-credit continuing education programs and workforce development programs.
  2. We involve IT from the beginning of the technology buying process. There are NO surprises down the road.
  3. We offer implementation and training so there is less impact on IT. Let us do the work!
  4. Once implementation is complete, we don’t abandon you. We provide all maintenance and ongoing support, reducing the need for the IT help desk to get involved in support duties.
  5. Lumens meets or exceeds security standards for SaaS software solutions.



Many continuing education programs are required to operate their business on the same campus-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system used by the rest of the institution–even if using this ERP system means having no online registration, best-practice features or reporting functionality needed to run a successful program. Augusoft recognizes this issue and the request made by senior level IT staff to provide cost-effective solutions that  migrate or integrate Lumens data to or from the campus-wide ERP system, without customizing the ERP system. For more information: