Augusoft Lumens®

Integrated Professional (iPRO) with Ellucian Banner

Product Description

Augusoft Lumens® Integrated Professional (iPRO) with Ellucian Banner includes all features in Lumens PRO with real-time integration to Ellucian Banner. Lumens iPRO is a software solution specifically designed for all aspects of running a successful non-credit program while keeping Ellucian Banner as the system of record.

Lumens Middleware Cloud

In the Lumens Environment is the Lumens Middleware Cloud (LMC), a set of web services which are hosted by Augusoft that pass data between the two systems in near real-time while allowing them to run independently. The LMC acts as an integration point between Lumens and the ERP. Augusoft works with internal departments and stakeholders to determine the most cost-effective solution to satisfy various business operations and data migration needs.

The LMC is a SaaS application which manages a set of web services designed to communicate and translate data traffic between Lumens and the following school academic systems: Oracle PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner and Ellucian Colleague.

  • Information Translation: Translates information between the two systems in their own format. For example, Lumens will generate data requests in its own format to create a new class or section in the ERP. The ERP will have its own API data format requirements to create a class section. The middleware will translate the request from Lumens format to ERP format.
  • Transparency: The sharing of responsibilities into different application layers raises visibility and makes managing the data easier.
  • Security: Acts as a secured gateway and avoids any direct database access between the two systems.
Lumens Middleware Cloud

Banner Environment

  • Security: A virtual Windows server provided by the customer will act as a proxy to receive the requests from the LMC and pass them behind the firewall to the Banner API’s.
  • Conformity: Native and custom Banner API’s are leveraged to ensure data consistency within the Banner environment. Custom API’s may be created to allow for the processing of data from Lumens to work differently than that which may be processed by other external applications.

Data Example - Person Record Create Flow

  • A profile is created in Lumens.
  • The profile information is communicated to the LMC in the Lumens profile data format.
  • The LMC validates, translates and enhances the incoming request and communicates with the Banner person API.
  • The Banner API will create the person in Banner, applying all the built-in data validation rules appropriate to the transaction type.
  • The newly created PIDM is returned to the LMC, which in turn forwards it to Lumens.

Common Integration Points

Select data points have been identified as integral to the management of non-credit program data flowing between Lumens and the parent ERP system of record. The following diagram depicts a high-level data flow between Lumens and Banner. The customer may choose (according to dependencies) from the follow data points:

  • Student (1-way flow from Lumens)
  • Instructor (2-way flow)
  • Company (1-way flow from Lumens)
  • Course (1-way flow from Lumens)
  • Class/Section (1-way flow from Lumens)
  • Registration (1-way flow from Lumens)
  • Financial Transactions (1-way flow from Lumens)

Turn Key Solution

The iPRO product encompasses a managed integration solution for the Oracle PeopleSoft system. Part of the implementation process will include a fit/gap analysis to determine if there are additional integration points you may require.

Most comprehensive management software for continuing education programs

Since its inception in 2000, Lumens has been setting standards in the lifelong learning market, used by hundreds of colleges and universities. The most successful programs in US and Canada attribute part of their success to having Lumens as their management system. Lumens iPRO provides all the necessary tools to create online catalogs, market your classes, track students, collect and report on any data and manage all aspects of running a successful program – plus is able to stay in sync with the main system of record of the school.

Continuous Enhancements and Product Development

Customers enjoy seamless enhancements administered directly to their site, with no interruption to service. Market research Product Advisory Boards and customer best practices are used in developing new features and improvements.

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*All Lumens versions include:

  • Unlimited live customer support
  • Implementation & training
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited users
  • Ongoing upgrades and training
  • Credit card gateway
  • 2000+ built-in online classes
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Every school has different requirements that need to be met and Augusoft was able to thoughtfully meet those requirements in ways that didn’t compromise the overall integrity of the system. We are impressed with the expertise and professionalism that Augusoft brings to the table when working with complicated ERP systems and appreciate the support they have provided our college as we transition into this new system.