Installation & Training

Augusoft Lumens is web-based and eliminates the need for expensive hardware, network setup, IT staff and support. Customers and staff are able to use one system with Augusoft’s easy implementation and systematic approach to training, delivered by a team of professionals.

Every product feature and task needed to launch your new system is outlined up-front, with step-by-step instructions, guided by Augusoft Customer Support. Online training for your new Lumens system is included in the implementation process. Additional on-site or webinar training, as outlined below, is available to you and your program team for an additional fee.

Lumens Webinars

Scheduled one-hour webinars via phone and Internet are offered by Augusoft for Lumens users. Webinar subject matter and content varies. Each webinar topic is predefined and announced via email and posted on the Augusoft Customer Communication Center.

Lumens Customized Webinar

These 1 to 2 hour in-depth and personalized webinars are designed specifically for up to 18 people per program. They are geared for one-on-one or small group training via phone and Internet. An Augusoft professional trainer instructs your users and administrators in predetermined Lumens subject matter followed by a Q & A session for maximum user benefit and interaction. Our training expert will work closely with you to design a customized webinar that incorporates your program’s unique needs.

Lumens On-site Workshop

An On-site Workshop continues where a Lumens Customized Webinar leaves off. This comprehensive (on-site) 1 to 3 day training workshop is designed specifically for your program. An Augusoft professional trainer will instruct users and administrators in a live, in-person classroom setting at your location. This comprehensive training workshop can include hands-on exercises and Q & A’s. While at your program’s facility, the Augusoft trainer is able to see your organization’s daily operations and help you fully use the Augusoft Lumens software features. These on-site workshops can also be established as an ongoing curriculum over a specified period. In addition, subject matter will be predefined by your program and agreed upon by Augusoft.