Inside Salesperson Evolves For Contract Training

customerserviceSuccessful continuing education units offering contract or customized training use salespeople. This was not true ten years ago. However, in order to build relationships and close contracts, a salesperson is required in order to compete in today’s market.

Up until the last few years, the expectation was that a salesperson would handle sales from lead generation to contract closure. In some cases, the salesperson has also been expected to manage the implementation of the contract. To allow the salesperson time to focus on actually selling, the inside sales position has evolved for contract training programs. The inside sales position is responsible for supporting the salesperson’s sales efforts. Primary job responsibilities include:

  • Managing promotion efforts (eMarketing, event management, social media, and so on) to present to potential clients.
  • Generating leads (webinars, promotion efforts, data mining, and so on) and qualifying the leads.
  • Setting appointments for the salesperson. The appointments could be selling visits, or just informational visits.
  • Helping the salesperson with repeat business sales by following up with clients on sales they may buy from year-to-year, such as safety training.

The inside salesperson’s skill set includes database management, eMarketing/social media, phone/email communication, event management, and general good organizational skills. Having the right customer relationship management and contract sales management software, such as Augusoft Lumens, is important.

In a time when it is challenging to find good salespeople and keep them financially motivated, providing inside sales support will allow your best salespeople to focus 80% of their time on selling.