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Get There Faster! How Rapid Credentials are Driving Florida on the Road to Economic Recovery

How are rapid credentials aiding recovery efforts?

Get a high-level overview of how the Get There Faster initiative will drive Florida’s economic recovery. As the Rapid Credentialing Program is part of the Get There Faster initiative, Belinthia Berry will share the good work St. Petersburg College is doing by aligning workforce development courses to in-demand jobs with their Rapid Credentialing Program.

Join Chancellor Mack, Dean Belinthia A. Berry and Augusoft Product Advisor, Angela DeVaun for this lively conversation on Rapid Credentials. 

Thursday, June 3
10:30 a.m. CT

Host: Angela DeVaun, Augusoft
Guests: Henry Mack, Chancellor, Division of Career and Adult Education, Florida Department of Education

Belinthia A. Berry, Acting Dean of Workforce Development, St. Petersburg College

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