Get Going with Genoo

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Once upon a time, outbound marketing was the name of the game. Organizations cast a wide net – across television, radio, and print – in order to publicize their services. The Internet has changed everything. Now, effective marketing requires data analysis, dynamic content, and aggressive targeting. Inbound marketing – with a focus on increasing relevant traffic to your website and services – allows organizations to maximize leads and improve the likelihood that they convert to paid customers.

Which is where Genoo enters the equation. Equipped with a powerful suite of cloud-based marketing solutions, Genoo positions continuing education organizations to expand their online footprint; drive higher conversion rates; generate more engaging content, including content across social media; and more effectively leverage mobile technologies. Plus, Genoo offers seamless integration with Lumens, allowing organizations to track household profiles, monitor class registration, and quickly evaluate website traffic. Learn more about Genoo – and its strategic partnership with Lumens – by clicking here.