Genoo Online Marketing Tools Now Available through Augusoft Lumens

Augusoft® has partnered with Genoo® to provide its online marketing tools through Lumens®, a cloud-based enrollment management system designed for the continuing education industry. The integrated solution from Augusoft and Genoo gives continuing education programs a set of online marketing tools that incorporate industry best practices from LERN®, the leading association in lifelong learning, to make it easier to maximize marketing efforts and grow their program.

By using the integrated Genoo solution in Lumens, continuing education programs are better able to capture website interest and track engagement levels among prospective students and corporate clients (customers). In addition, continuing education programs can also manage email campaigns, social media activity, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and create automated lead nurturing campaigns with Genoo.

The combination of Lumens with Genoo’s online marketing tools expands the interaction continuing education programs have with their customers exponentially. Not only will it allow continuing education programs to implement more effective marketing campaigns, the metrics will allow also allow continuing education program managers to continuously improve their marketing efforts with no additional headcount

– Kim Albee, founder and CEO of Genoo.

To test the Genoo and Lumens integration, three schools participated in a pilot program using the Genoo online marketing tools with their Lumens software. The pilot participants also held weekly marketing strategy and tactics coaching calls with Genoo designed specifically around the marketing goals for each school. All pilot participants are continuing with their use of Genoo through Lumens.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer email management services that give you some basic templates, manage your lists and provide click­through data. With Genoo, I’ve been able to go much deeper in our customer lead nurturing, as well as the metrics that we get back. The metrics, in particular, have just been so instrumental and valuable in allowing us to learn more about our students and our customers.

– Ronald Weist, Director of Continuing Education & Enrichment Programming, Pierpont Community & Technical College (one of the pilot participants).

Genoo has positively impacted our class enrollments, as we saw significant improvement in many of our summer course offerings. With Genoo, we were able to send out more targeted emails advertising our summer programs. Several of these classes would have cancelled were it not for the email campaigns we were able to do with Genoo.”

– Maggie McEvoy, Community School Coordinator at Minneapolis Community Education (another pilot participant).

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