Frederick Community College integrates Oracle PeopleSoft with Augusoft Lumens

Minneapolis, Minn. June 8, 2018 – Augusoft Lumens, a SaaS platform specifically designed for corporate and continuing education and workforce development programs in colleges and universities, is first to have real-time full integration with Oracle PeopleSoft® (also Ellucian Colleague® and Ellucian Banner®). The integration allows programs to use Lumens as an ecommerce solution and system of transaction while maintaining PeopleSoft as system of record.

Frederick Community College (FCC) is a mid-sized program located in Frederick, Maryland. FCC offers 85+ degree and certificate programs in credit and Continuing Education (CE), Workforce Development (WD) and non-credit. It services approximately 9,000 credit students and 7,000 CEWD per year. FCC has been a Lumens user since 2013, but purchased the integration module mid-2017.

Before Lumens, FCC was using PeopleSoft to process CEWD registrations. The use of PeopleSoft was not working as it didn’t allow a student to view classes and register in one session. In PeopleSoft, they needed to be admitted which often meant learners would not complete their transaction. FCC wanted more of an “Amazon®-like experience” for their CEWD students that allowed them to browse for classes, create an account and register/pay in one session.

After successfully implementing Lumens, staff still had the need to manually enter registrations into PeopleSoft, which is still the main system of record for State Reporting and financials. Internal auditors were encouraging them to seek a solution. In order to reduce manual entry error and save staff time, FCC decided to integrate Lumens to PeopleSoft in July of 2017.

“Augusoft delivered an exceptional level of project management and technical expertise which laid the foundation for our project’s success. I have not worked on an integration / implementation project with better communication and technical responsiveness as the Lumens to PeopleSoft integration project.” Stated Adam Reno, Associate Chief Information Officer. The initial and main phase of the project took eight months. Frederick’s IT team was present in weekly check-in calls and were involved from the start of the project. This is integral to success of any ERP integration project.

The project management team was instrumental in ensuring the appropriate groups’ voice was heard at the correct time, so all who needed were able to weigh in. FCC pulled in not only the current Lumens users, but the Registrar and the Bursar for a full fit/gap analysis. “Working with the Augusoft team (on the PeopleSoft integration) was one of the most successful implementation experiences that the College has participated in over the last 15 years. The Augusoft team led the College through an extensive fit/gap assessment that was used as the foundation for the development work.” Added Reno.

Information Technology departments nationwide are seeing an increase in workload, and FCC had the same concern as any school about campus IT resources that would be needed for the project. From IT, FCC had two PeopleSoft Programmer/Analysts. They participated in the initial fit/gap analysis phase and testing. The fit/gap analysis phase occupied 40 hours combined, for both programmers. The testing phase spanned over 3-4 months and took about 15-20 hours per week. The meetings and testing sessions where structured and planned to maximize the employees’ time.

FCC went live with the integration in February of 2018.

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