Fourth Continuing Education Study Conducted

Minneapolis, Minn. – May 9, 2018 – Augusoft conducted its fourth Continuing Education Survey (non-credit) in early 2018. It was sent to 4,300 organizations; both Augusoft customers and non-customers, in order to reach the largest pool of programs possible. The purpose was to study trends in program revenues, how these revenues equate to contract/customized/corporate training, and what technology programs are using to support their success. 

The survey found that the non-credit programs who participated in the study, ranked Certificates as the most common service, followed closely by Open Enrollment, Contract Training and Workforce Development. This same group reported Corporate Training and Workforce development as their fastest growing revenue area, with Certificates trailing in third.

When asked to state the industry with the greatest growth potential, not surprisingly, Healthcare and Technology/ IT were the top responses, with Manufacturing coming in at number three.

Marketing a program’s services and offerings is vital to registration and program success. A majority of respondents indicated that they have a dedicated staff member on the team to handle the marketing for the program, whether it be staff within the program or staff within the parent program or college. Less than a quarter have part-time staff devoted.   

Marketing tools such as a CRM or marketing automation solution are also employed. A third responded that they use Constant Contact®, more than a half indicated that they don’t know, they use something internally created or the tool wasn’t a survey option. Mail Chimp® and Lumens Connect® where popular responses, while Hubspot® and Marketo® where just a handful.

The satisfaction with the tools was approximately half and half. Half ranked their satisfaction rate as 6-10, the remainder ranked 1-5, where 10 was very satisfied and 1 was very dissatisfied. Commentary was gathered as to what was marketing efforts are working well. 

Augusoft plans to continue the survey annually, at minimum, to establish industry benchmarks and share the results with participants to help them continually compare their program to others around the nation.

About Augusoft 
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