Finding the Best Instructors for Your Continuing Education Program

Finding and retaining good instructors is essential to running a successful continuing education program. Following are some key tips Julia King Tamang of LERN discussed in a recent webinar for Augusoft on “Finding the Best Instructors.”

What are some of the characteristic of a good instructor? A good instructor not only teaches, but should provide you with some or all of the following benefits:

  • They give consultative assistance
  • Help recruit other instructors
  • Provide you with follow-on work
  • They solve customer service issues and report any problems to you
  • Find emerging markets
  • Help develop classes, certificate programs and degrees
  • Help you learn about new tools and methods

Where do you find the best instructors?

  • Your local chapter of the American Society for Training & Development ( is a good place to start.
  • Referrals from your best instructors or clients
  • Other institutions
  • Some of your best graduates

Pay is always an issue with instructors, as you should always keep production costs below 50% of your gross income. It is best to negotiate contracts separately with each instructor if possible. If you can provide occasional bonus-level pay, that is always a good option. You can also provide other incentives such as flexible scheduling, use of campus facilities, or give them the opportunity to take classes or attend conferences your institute offers. You should also use independent contractors as much as possible to teach.

And finally you should be using some sort of software system such as Lumens to track and create instructor profiles, schedule and confirm instructors for classes, approve and record instructor earnings and payments made, create and manage instructor contracts, manage non-class services performed by instructors, and much more.