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System Outage Procedures

Augusoft contracts with a monitoring service that notifies our Customer Support Center within minutes if any of our websites cannot be reached through the Internet. We take immediate action to determine the cause of the problem and restore your service. If we encounter a serious problem where we cannot restore service within an hour, updates are posted on the System Status Web Page (every hour, on the hour) during business hours. When service is restored, we will post information needed, cause of the problem and/or corrective actions taken.

Assured Web Service
We ensure uninterrupted service by co-locating the servers that host your Lumens site at the largest ISP in the Midwest. Your Lumens licensed software system is hosted in Augusoft's Server Farm and is protected by multiple provider connectivity, network redundancy and 24/7 network monitoring. Utmost physical security is provided including restricted pass-card access, video surveillance, security breach alarms, dual Halon fire suppression systems, multiple chillers for temperature and humidity control and HVAC environmental controls. Raised flooring provides static protection and ventilation, while UPS systems and back-up generators provide fully continuous power.

Prevention of Data Loss
Augusoft customer's data is backed up every two hours. Our systems use highly reliable RAID storage sub-systems and we continually conduct offsite back ups.

Success Stories

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