Custom Software Solutions – That’s Lumens

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When it comes to the world of continuing education, your organization has a choice: partner with companies that provide clunky “bolt-on” services, or partner with Augusoft and make the most of custom software solutions designed specifically for the needs of continuing education organizations. 

“Bolt-on” services can be frustrating and inconsistent. Worse, because they’re designed for use across industries, they often don’t match your organization’s needs. They’re square pegs in a round hole. Contrast that with Lumens: for more than twenty years, Augusoft has developed top-tier, cloud-based software tailored to the continuing education industry. Lumens streamlines operations, eases the online registration process, and provides robust data analysis tools to better understand your customers. With more than 3.7 million users and over $925 million in transactions, Lumens is far from a “bolt-on.” It’s a custom software package designed by experts in the field, specifically for continuing education organizations.